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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto chemistry and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

Chemistry Personal Statement Advice

A good UCAS personal statement can be the difference between acceptance and rejection at the university of your choice. It’s the document where you can explain your motivation, ambitions and strengths, aiming to gain an edge over other students. Don’t stress over how to start a personal statement for university. A medicinal chemistry personal statement, should touch upon subject skills, achievements and goals - but also wider study skills. How can you show that you’re organised, committed and responsible? Swot up to prove your dedication; it won’t hurt to read some extra chemistry books for personal statement enhancement purposes! University admissions can be competitive, and if you’re writing an Oxbridge chemistry personal statement, there's an even bigger pressure. Get a fresh opinion when writing a chemistry personal statement; Oxford or Cambridge can afford to be very choosy, so ask a teacher to check how you come across in your draft. Always give evidence to support any claims you make about yourself. Examples could be taken from clubs, awards, trips, hobbies, reading, volunteering, part-time jobs… almost anything, really. Give the admissions tutor a sense of what drives you. For example, a student with type one diabetes might find that a life-long relationship with medication has sparked their curiosity, and it would be suitable to include this in their pharmaceutical chemistry personal statement. If you’re writing a PGCE chemistry personal statement, remember that teacher training requires some form of work experience. Whether you’ve mentored young people, tutored students through exams or volunteered in a classroom, be sure to mention it in your chemistry PGCE personal statement.

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