PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Criminology/Psychology Personal Statement

Submitted by Georgia

Criminology/Psychology Personal Statement

Submitted by Georgia

Examining behaviour and the reasons people act in the way they do has always fascinated me, especially in regards to crime. By taking Psychology at A-Level this allowed me to investigate further into behaviour. Additionally, completing a Future-Learn course on 'Forensic Psychology' by the Open University gave me a thorough understanding on the aspects behind this part of Psychology such as cognitive interviews and unconscious transference. This course gave me the opportunity to experiment with how I would fare identifying possible criminals from a line-up, giving me the chance to see if I could physically solve a crime. My EPQ was titled 'Does the CSI effect exist?' in which I researched how beliefs on crime from the media influences court proceedings and the effects that this has. From what I have learnt about in my research and wider reading I know that I would like to work within this sector, particularly the criminal justice system. By studying Psychological sciences I can gain an even deeper understanding of the cognitive processes behind certain behaviours and this can provide a solid entry into the sector of work which I aspire to be part of.

During my time in sixth form I have proudly been a leader of the 'Philanthropic Society' representing the whole school. This has involved arranging events to raise money for charities such as the 'RSPCA' and 'Mind'. Being a member of this society allowed me view the psychology behind being better people. It has been fulfilling to be a part of the society as I know the hard work I put into creating events is for a good cause and that I could be potentially changing people's lives. I find it extremely gratifying helping people and I had the opportunity to do this when I went to Nepal in the summer of 2017. Trekking 73Km around the mountains helped to improve my perseverance and endurance as the feeling of pride at the finish point was worth the struggle. I apply this to my school work, knowing that my hard work will pay off with success. In addition, it built upon my teamwork skills as guiding and motivating other people played a large part in reaching our destinations. We camped in a secondary school that was damaged in the 2015 earthquake, helping to repaint and rebuild the classrooms and teach English to the Nepalese children. This side to the expedition improved my communication skills, even though I already have experience with foreign languages from studying Spanish and being a Spanish prefect within school. This involves representing the subject to younger year groups and setting aside my time to help out the department in events such as open evenings and also mentoring other students.

I completed valuable work experience in 'National Insurance Brokers' in London which improved my punctuality and organisational skills. It gave me the completely new experience of commuting and I organised many files daily which if wrongly completed could lead to great problems for the company, so the pressure was very high. I was staggered to learn about Insurance fraud statistics in the UK as dishonest insurance claims are valued at over £1billion. My part-time job at a well-known restaurant chain, TGI Friday's, has helped develop my skills further. Since getting this job I have vastly improved my confidence and listening skills due to engaging with guests constantly and making sure that all of all their needs are catered to. I have dealt with professional complainers and shoplifters which has exposed me to crime in the real world in context of retail which I am also interested in.

For me, doing a degree within the psychological sector is the most exciting thing that I can embark upon following my A-level studies and I look forward to furthering my knowledge of the subject. I believe that this degree will provide a firm basis for pursuing a career in criminal justice.

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Get expert scientific training in the relationship between the mind, brain, and behaviour and tailor your studies to your interests. Explore Swansea University's wide range of Psychology degrees now.

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