Submitted by Sander

Art and Design

Submitted by Sander

Art has always been a form of expressive and elevating nature. Telling intricate stories through compositions and being able to denote messages through imagery has been a fundamentally meaningful aspect of my upbringing. Being half Dutch and immersing myself in the language has enriched my understanding of the world, whilst allowing me to see creativity across different nations, thus expanding my knowledge and curiosity for the subject.

My infatuation for art and design and therefore, drawing and illustrating has been prominent from a young age- seen through gaining East Anglia young artist 2010 and leading me to study A level art. This has been a process both creatively and personally developmental. I've allowed and encouraged myself to use the qualification and workshops as a platform for my own personal interpretations and ideas. This notion is intriguing as it has really urged me to think less like a standard student and more like a practising artist or designer; assisting me to adhere to briefs whilst thinking imaginatively. Taking this course will propel me to find new ways of communicating such as through print, visual arts and animation. Moreover, always drawing and creating in my sketch-books and finding inspiration everywhere has allowed me to start to develop my own unique style and therefore, I'm excited to experiment with new methods towards art in a focused and practise environment.

My inquisitiveness has taught me to question multiple facets across the broad spectrum of art and design. I take pride in teaching myself about adobe Photoshop and illustrator, allowing me to gain more of an insight into the technical aspects of art and digital strategies. Social connections in the industry are crucial, therefore setting up an art Instagram has encouraged me to share my work with fellow artists and peers. I have also gained valuable interpersonal abilities through volunteering in my local town and other activities around school, allowing me to express opinion and critique along with team-building skills- nurtured through bronze DofE.

Across my studies, I have always questioned 'how can I take this further?' and 'how will this benefit others around me?' meaning a range of interests alongside art have been significant for me. History has encouraged a love of analysing and evaluating, in addition to teaching me about diverse cultures and societies. I enjoy this, as enriching myself with a range of information both in and outside of the lesson is important in gaining perception into what we have and what we should appreciate. Translating art into other subjects has taught me that it doesn't necessarily have to lie at the end of a pen, but art is ever-present in a multitude of societal contexts. English language A-level has taught me multiple skills and opened many doors in terms of analytical abilities. Growing up, I was fascinated by Shirley Hughes books and illustrations and how she uses art and language together as a platform for storytelling. This curiosity has encouraged my own personal research into typography and how it can be used as a new way of relaying messages graphically. Maths AS level has helped likewise in using all kinds of techniques and approaches to solve a problem. This I think, is a valued skill that I can bring to degree level studies and flourishing into a successful artist.

My own imagination and passion have the ability to create original and innovative work to the highest standard. The desire to craft comes from within, and gaining a degree in an art and design-based subject will provide a valuable grounding in producing work on a personal but professional scale. These final steps will help me get to where I want to be as a creator, gaining and achieving knowledge along with expertise- so that I can make a personally significant impact on the world and therefore, live a dream that I've had ever since I could pick up a pencil.

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Bring your ideas to life and contribute to the cultural and economic life of contemporary society. Benefit from professional-standard facilities and skills you need to succeed in your career. Click here for more info!

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