PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Masters in Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Josh

Masters in Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

Submitted by Josh

From a young age, my favourite subjects have always been by far mathematics and technology. This is why I'd like to study Mechanical Engineering at university; I will be able to develop my design and mathematical skills and for it to help me pursue a career in this field.

I have an analytical mind and a natural curiosity for finding out about how things work and how they are built. For example, how does a lift manage to move up and down at a constant speed with different load weights? This has led me to look in depth into what load torque is and its relationship with the velocity of the lift. My ambition is to design and create something revolutionary to change the world for the better.

I get a great sense of achievement from solving intense mathematical equations and seeing how they link into the real world. Upon glancing at the equation for centripetal force can seem like it's just a mathematical concept but what interests me, is understanding how this applies to real life situations and how centripetal force can relate to how the Moon orbits around the Earth. However, Mechanical engineering, in my opinion, is more than just completing mathematical calculations and using formulae in the right context. It is the modelling of what the future will become- discovering new technologies and enhancing the way we already live. This to me is the exciting part about engineering as a subject.

I currently study Mathematics, Physics and Graphic Communications at A Level. Throughout studying mathematics in college it has given me a multidimensional view on how the subject is all linked together rather than just following steps in order to get an answer. Physics is a very significant subject within my studies, as it does not only back up my mathematical work but enhances my general knowledge about the world itself and how technology works; from how an x-ray machine works to how the momentum is linked to the speed of a moving lorry.

Also, studying graphic communication enhances my creative side. I like to draw and use more technology based media to develop my work and create professional graphic designs. As the Head Boy of Leasowes High School in year 11 it played an important role in building my confidence. My main responsibilities were to promote the school by speaking infront of large audiences, sometimes up to 400 people at open events. This was as well as setting an example to the rest of the school and delegating roles to the prefects when needed.

I also took it upon myself to become a mathematics and humanities ambassador as well which gave me a great sense of achievement through helping out the pupils in the years below. In school I also took part in a competition called the 'Make it in Engineering' competition, of which we were put into groups 8 and had to follow a select brief in order to design the new car of the future. Using important leadership skills, I managed to coordinate the group and bring us together as a team, in order to design and come up with the bullet car; this was a single person car that could drive through traffic more efficiently than other vehicles- much like a motorbike would. After pitching this concept to a panel of esteemed judges we managed to place first and win the trophy for us and the school.

I currently work part-time as a supermarket assistant in Waitrose in Stourbridge. I complete a variety of tasks and socialise with a wide variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds. I started off as carrying out transactions on the tills but have been promoted significantly and am now a trained partner on the customer service desk. This involves helping customers and other employees alike with issues that they have whether it be with deliveries or general information about product. This is considered to be quite a sociable and comprehensive role within the branch.

I endeavour to create positive relationships with all the customers and some of which I have created in depth and strong relations with.

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