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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto languages and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

Languages Personal Statement Advice

Your personal statement is the last piece of the puzzle for your UCAS application. This is your chance to really sell yourself to a potential university and to show them why you would be a welcome addition to their student body. Above all, your Languages personal statement is your chance to really show a university how passionate you are about the subject and what makes you you. Before you start writing your own Languages personal statement, we recommend having a look at some previous Languages personal statement examples beforehand. These examples will give you an insight into the kind of tone, structure and language to use in your own Languages personal statement, but crucially, you will also see what kind of key areas your Languages personal statement should touch upon. If you find yourself still struggling with your Languages personal statement, then we recommend including these three elements: Talk about your love of Languages. Have you done any work experience in this area? What prompted you to take up an interest in Languages? Do not be put off by a personal statement’s 4,000 character count, this is easier to fill than you think and easier to overdo too. Keep an eye on your word and character count and make sure everything you're including in your personal statement is relevant to Languages in some way.

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