Law Personal Statement

My attraction to law originates from my interest in justice and rewards.  Human behaviour is always alternating and law is able to constantly focus on the rights of people and the bettering of society. Human rights is a challenge we face currently and law has continuously throughout time been able to rightly justify the actions of people to a great amount of satisfaction.  Law is a natural part of the ethical system as, laws are followed by everyone. Therefore, I decided to pursue a career in the legal field as I will be personally reinforcing right-doing, and also assisting others in times of difficulty. Acquiring knowledge about the subject of law I believe will increase my way of interpreting and reasoning as an individual, thus improving my morality and virtues.

The complexity of business is challenging, but yet brings a gripping subject matter . Logical thinking and self-motivation are components which I would like to enhance and I believe I will do so by studying business at your university. Understanding the economy and finance are also skills  which I will gain from this course, which i find  insightful and interesting. I particularly enjoy the way business appropriately blends in with everyday issues, hence I think it’s great to incorporate with law as they’re both current.Business is incorporated into our everyday life

Since starting my A-Level studies  I have taken all rounded subjects which drive me towards studying law. English literature has given me the ability to scrutinise and manipulate things so people have a better understanding and can see things from my interpretation. Skills which a lawyer has to portray within the legal sector as a solicitor or barrister. Philosophy and Ethics has already started to give me insight into law and human behaviour. This is by focusing on morality and distinguishing between right and wrong, which I believe makes up the substance of Law. Drama studies has aided me in being a confident speaker and being able to present myself in a positive and employable light, which I can use for both business and law.

My work experience is varied, I have been exposed to a multitude of different working environments. I work as a sales assistant at ‘Greencore’, which has influenced my business exposure allowing me to understand numeracy and communication at a deeper level. I have been permitted train new staff in my workplace showing the high level of trust and experience the company has in me. During this my time at Greencore I have been exposed to do work in human resources. This allowed me to be exposed handling peoples situations and coming up with solutions for problems, skills which I will have to display in law.

During my seven years of education I’ve built skills which have moulded me to be a suitable for your course. I am an enterprise ambassador and working for the company Pixl-Edge within school has  allowed me to communicate with other students and organise them, so they’re under my  supervision. Being an ambassador allowed me to be an independent, a skill which I will need in university. Being a reader leader, where I help a student read once a week, helped me understand others and their emotions. I enjoy reading various genres and reading constantly, this will bring a slight ease to the abundant material I have to go through for law. Reading has helped to improve how much information I can absorb and also and to fixate my concentration. I have been recognised for my commitment to the school by being awarded with the  ‘Principles Award For Outstanding Contribution To The Academy.’ Showing my constant contribution to the school through through aspects such as teaching African drumming every Thursday to students at my school and performing in a majority of the charity shows put on throughout the year.

Going to university is a challenge, but I think I have been equipped with the right tools making me a suitable applicant to attend your university.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!

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