PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Law and Criminology Personal Statement

Law and Criminology Personal Statement

A recent trip to the Royal Courts of Justice reaffirmed my interest in law and criminology degree. Firstly, I sat in on cases which particularly interested me as I was able to see court in practice. Secondly, I also took part in a mooting case within a court room, presenting my case as a barrister to the judge, which made me realise that I would love to do this as my future career. Therefore, studying law and criminology appeals to me even more to help me with my career ambitions. I love the criminal side of the law and the statutes behind criminal acts. I find the cause of crime to be of interest to me, as well and I love focusing on different theories and perspectives as to why people commit crime.

My currents subject relate to my course of law and criminology. Within A-level Law I am learning parts of compulsory modules that are taught in university such as Criminal Law. I enjoy law as I find it interesting and I love learning about different cases that have occurred that are used in court today. In Law I am developing my critical analysis skill which enables me to present clear and concise points. In addition, Sociology relates as I am learning about crime and deviance, which relates to the criminology aspect. I enjoy learning about the different social aspects as to why people commit crime, such as subcultures and ethnicity. I recently achieved an A grade essay on the relationship between social problems and levels of crime. This is useful as it is an important aspect that will be taught in criminology. Psychology relates as it gives me an insight into the criminal mind. In psychology I particularly enjoyed the topic of eye witness testimonies and examining the different factors that can improve the reliability of eye witness testimonies like age, anxiety and misleading information.

One of my biggest achievements is being a volunteer police cadet for five years. Volunteer police cadets are partnered with the London Metropolitan Police Service. Being a volunteer police cadet has given me confidence, organisational skills, and made me more open to valuing other people’s opinions. I am able to communicate with people at all levels and within a team. I completed my two weeks’ work experience with the police force and had various opportunities to work with police officers gaining a further insight into law enforcement.

I also have a part-time job waitressing at a catering service. This job has enabled me to become more independent, organised with my time and how to use my own initiative. Furthermore, I play football; in secondary school I was on my school team and I was captain for both the junior and senior team. This was a big achievement as it showed my coach recognised the effort I made within the team. It taught me to be a team player and to use other people’s strengths to help when necessary. It also taught me to be a leader and communicate with my team. As well I play the guitar and I taught myself to play with only a few lessons. By learning the guitar it taught me to dedicate myself to a cause even if I found it hard.

Overall, I believe my passion for law and criminology comes across from all aspects, such as my recent visits to court rooms, my academic suitability, my voluntary experiences and my extra-curricular activities.  I am particularly interested in joining the mooting club as I think it will be very interesting and it will further help me develop my skills and knowledge about the criminal side of law. I am keen to start university as I believe it will be a new stage in my life, which will teach me many vital lessons in which I will need in later life. Although I know it will require hard work, I am prepared to dedicate myself and I am excited to achieve my full potential.

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