Submitted by Zuzana

LLB Law Personal Statement

Submitted by Zuzana

My interest in law began when I read 'I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced', a book about a young Yemeni girl forced to marry an older man, who she escaped from and divorced. The book made me aware of how law and society differs around the world. I want to study Law to gain a deeper understanding of different laws and how they affect citizens. Studying Law will challenge and train my mind to grasp complex legal issues such as liability. I am motivated to learn about the various policies and principles which act as a code of conduct in our lives. My aspiration is to become a solicitor and I believe studying Law will allow me to develop the necessary legal knowledge and skills that will enable me to be successful in this career.

A-Level English Literature has developed my reading skills as I have studied complex texts and interpreted their meanings. I have also analysed texts and considered how the history or culture influenced the authors' writing which has improved my attention to detail. French has exposed me to a new culture and uncovered how society and laws are affected by culture. I enjoy learning a new language and overcoming the challenges that come with it. In Government and Politics, I have learnt how power and authority are divided in the British and American governments and realised the importance of law in ensuring democracy and stable governance. Through studying this subject and taking part in class discussions I have enhanced my essay writing and debating skills. A-Level Business has given me an insight into corporate law and allowed me to improve my public speaking skills as I have had opportunities to present to the class.

During my work experience placement, shadowing a solicitor, I attended the local Magistrates Court and witnessed how the prosecution and defence communicate with the defendants through a system called VideoLink. By reading legal transcripts and watching CCTV evidence to build a defence case for one individual, I developed the ability to think logically and to problem solve. This work experience reinforced the belief that I want to study Law at university as I gained a simple understanding of what Law entails which has made me excited to learn more. I also attended a Law Taster Day during which I was introduced to Property and Criminal Law. My participation in group discussions and a mock court trial strengthened my communication skills.

As a member of the Student Council, I am involved in planning events and have developed my leadership skills by undertaking a Student Council training course. Being a member of the Sixth Form Student Leadership team has improved my collaboration skills as I regularly communicate with other team members to ensure students' views are represented. Previously, I have been a prefect and my role was to assist a Year 8 form tutor and her students during form time. Aside from this, I like to read and watch documentaries including Unreported World, which focuses on current affairs that have limited media coverage such as modern day slavery in South Korea. In my part-time job as a waitress I developed the ability to manage my time effectively by balancing my studies and working.

I am confident, passionate and driven to study Law at university and I am prepared for the determination and dedication that a Law degree requires. I am looking forward to new opportunities and experiences that await at university and will strive for success both in my studies and extra-curricular activities.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!

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