Law Personal Statement

It is being observed that the law on parliamentary today is too vague, and very prone to abuse. Hence, the nebulous definition of law has to be elucidated and unravel as soon as possible. Generally, law is an embodiment of justice. It is depicted as a tangible example of truth, freedom, equality and probity. It is frequently asserted that why law even existed in the first place? What is purpose of law? Hence, being viewed comprehensively from a holistic perspective, criminal cases have become more prevalent these days. It is already an uphill task stemming the rate of increase, let alone reversing it. Hence, this is a plausible statement to prove that why stringent law is mandatory to plateau out this increasing criminal cases. Likewise, rather than to counter terrorism, Law has sometimes being used in political dissent. Also, there is much scepticism over the implementation of law. However, there is no universal consensus as to whether or not law serves for the better rights in the judicial system thus far, it is yet to be justified. On the other hand, my interest in law was piqued when I was perusing these particular journals naming The Firm and The Lincoln Lawyer respectively. The justice that was being upheld, the righteousness that was being implicated, were the precursor for me in becoming a lawyer. Besides, my future plans are fairly linear. Education is therefore my foreseeable future. I could barely envisage myself becoming a successful lawyer in the near future. I would strive hard in my endeavour to go beyond its confine and to reach out even further. My parents too, had given me much actionable advices to mould the person I am today. Therefore, I can say that without the former, the latter is no more than a sleepy hollow, which is being observed today.

My profound interest in law have actually motivated me to take part in debate competition. I was equipped with soft skills and some transferable skills. For instance, drafting skills, oral advocacy skills, and trial skills. This has opened up a certain avenues for me as it gave me the chance to fortify my English language proficiency I would have otherwise had. I was able to learn to think like a lawyer apart gaining practical, technical lawyering skills. Nevertheless, I was appointed the Vice President of Red Crescent in my secondary school. I was able to showcase my flair and knack in communicating and having the ability of being dependable in accomplishing tasks given. For example, I’ve held several foot drill and first aid competitions. I was then learnt to coach and lead my former board of executives and demonstrated initiatives by coming up ideas and putting them into actions in resolving problems faced. On one hand, I was also a prefect in my secondary school.  I was able to fit in among the students’ culture and discovered ways to discipline them, and I’ve done that pretty well by reinforcing scarce details of student and was able to make the full use out of it. Furthermore, I played an influential role in this responsibility. For instance, during a brainstorming session in which a controversy topic occurred, I would share my point of view by voicing out opinions while being open to feedback, nonetheless, I would also challenge others’ opinions by asking some thoughtful questions. This had somehow created a stimulating discussion and even sparked innovations and creativeness.

In the same way, I was the student ambassador in college. I was assigned the duty of welcoming, educating and assisting prospective students. I was held with great responsibility as the college’s pride and reputations literally being consigned to me and my fellow mates in this student ambassadors program. Also, I were to attend several workshops organized by the college’s counsellor to build up fellow ambassadors’ cognitive skills and collaboration in making strides towards mutual goal. Inevitably, there will be some daunting prospects of taking up this enormous responsibility in the sense that I have to balance my studies and at the same time, extracurricular activities. A vast majority of people think that studies prevail over extracurricular activities, whereas my opinion is that both are modestly important.

During my school holidays, I did an attachment in a law firm to gain a better experience and a wholly exposure in this field. I was basically doing odds and ends. For example, sorting out files and cases to be reviewed. But I remembered one thing the lawyer told me: ’The client is not always right, but they are always entitled to respect, response and patience.’ I was then learned to respect, understand and tolerate opinions given by my acquaintances. This has indeed put me in good stead to tackle onslaught of ordeals, hiccups and hurdles that come my way in the days ahead.

I am confident that my passion towards the course will embrace me the opportunity to study in the UK.

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Build the skills needed to excel in the Law industry by studying Law at University of Roehampton. Within their 'law in practice' environment you'll learn to think like a lawyer in no time. Apply now!