PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Physiotherapy Personal Statement

Submitted by Lucy

Physiotherapy Personal Statement

Submitted by Lucy

My interest in the sporting field began from a very young age when I first experienced a Sheffield United game. Eight season tickets later, coupled with my passion for A-Level Biology and Psychology, I am currently working towards a career as a Physiotherapist and eventually would like to specialise in sporting injury and rehabilitation. I recently read an article on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website about a physiotherapist who had completed a marathon, to 'motivate' and 'inspire' her patients to meet their goals and push through the tough times they were experiencing. This really opened my eyes to what being a physiotherapist is all about.

It is not simply identifying a patient's issue and giving them basic help, it is engaging with every patient's needs on an individual basis and meeting each of them whether they be physical or emotional. I feel I have learned a vital lesson very early that whilst the injury may be similar on paper, the patients' needs may be wholly different. A-Level Biology has given me a sound knowledge of the topics covered throughout the Physiotherapy course. For example, I have studied topics such as gas exchange in humans and oxygen dissociation, which has given me an introduction to cardiovascular respiratory which is covered during undergraduate study. In addition to this, studying biological explanations of depression and the nervous system in my Psychology A-Level has aided me in understanding the neurological aspects of Physiotherapy. Not only this, it has taught me about the damaging mental effects a physical impairment may have on an individual's ability to function effectively both at work and emotionally. These subjects, as well as English Language and ICT, have set me in good stead for a place on a Physiotherapy course in every aspect possible, for example, essay writing in English Language and problem-solving skills in ICT.

I have recently been accepted onto a work placement within the NHS, which is due to begin in December 2017. I have been placed in Mexborough Montagu Hospital's rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit. I believe this will give me a more realistic understanding of what the job requires and how much hard work and effort is needed within the working environment. It will also show me the variety of opportunities available with a degree in Physiotherapy. I have chosen to work with local businesses, such as tattoo shops and hairdressers, as a place to gain work-life skills. In each I helped with restructuring their business approaches through altering their marketing campaigns, employing my ICT skills to create spreadsheets for their accounts, client information and appointments and using my communication skills to welcome local customers whilst maintaining a professional working environment. These learned skills are highly transferable to the Physiotherapy environment as most patient records are now electronic and it is likely I would be working with patients local to the community.

I have already shown good communication skills with the general public. I feel I have the interpersonal qualities essential to support my patients throughout their treatment. Overall, I am a friendly, outgoing and sociable individual, and I feel I have demonstrated why I would be an asset to have at university through my genuine passion for the Physiotherapy professions as well as my academic ability and learned skills through my unique experience. I look forward to having a detailed understanding of physiotherapy and looking further into specific topics such as mental health and the anatomy of the body.

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