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Psychology Personal Statement

While growing up, an individual experiences countless differing fields of psychology without even realising it. These can range from simple interactions in daily life, to the infrequent, emotional trauma which accompanies losing a loved one. In such instances, psychology plays an indirect role in the lives of those affected, yet many choose not to delve deeper into understanding the mental processes and why the situation or event in question had such an impact on them. I am drawn to psychology as I no longer want it to play an indirect role in my life, but instead wish to acknowledge the full extent of the human mind and its functions, and the act of doing so, for me, is empowering.

I have held a deep rooted interest in human psychology as my younger cousin, whom I see frequently, has autism, whereas his brother does not. To compare, both are alike in the sense that they have been raised in the same conditions, given equal amounts of affection and treated no differently to one another. This has shown me the full extent of this spectrum condition, and the irregularity of the behaviour that the condition causes continues to fascinate me.

My interest was intensified upon reading ‘The Man That Mistook His Wife for a Hat’ by Oliver Sacks. This developed my curiosity into neurological diseases, leading me to later read ‘Hallucinations’. This gave me an insight into the world of those that suffer from these afflictions and how they operate despite such hardship, while providing a humane and personal angle. To further my knowledge of psychology, I have chosen to base the research for my Extended Project Qualification on dream analysis, an area that I find particularly intriguing.

The majority of my A level subjects are essay based, thus heightening my awareness of using literacy effectively. This is important in psychology, as without effective reading and writing skills a person would not be able to tailor a structured, well thought out answer. Philosophy and Ethics teaches me to be creative, and I have developed a sense of open-mindedness when considering a question and can observe it from different points of view. Classical Civilisation has made me appreciate the history of my courses. This is key in Psychology as it is mainly made up of theories from different paradigms. Business Studies also links to Psychology, as both aim to understand the human behaviour, and the basis of how individuals come to a decision. In my role as Eco-Representative, I help to organise school assemblies, and attend termly meetings which address eco-related concerns and identify reasonable solutions.

I am also a Classical Civilisation Prefect, and a member of the Sixth Form Committee, through which I have learned much about teamwork. I am a dedicated member of Chess Club and Senior Choir and, while I take weekly lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, I am also teaching myself to play the keyboard. I have attend the ‘Hillingdon Musketeers’ Fencing Club since 2012 and have represented the Borough three times in the London Youth Games, while also gaining the bronze medal in the Saxon Novice Competition. I utilised these skills when volunteering to provide a fencing demonstration at an elderly care home, Clare House. This was a rewarding experience, as I could see that the act was greatly appreciated.

As an avid enthusiast of drama, I spent five years at the acting school, Stagecoach, and two at Theatre-train, as well as enjoying a week’s work experience at Pinewood Studios, where I made props for upcoming movies and worked in the editing studios. Working part time as a cleaning assistant has provided me with a positive work ethic, allowing me to understand the benefits of hard work. As a competent and hardworking individual, I believe that my passion for Psychology will allow me to make a worthy contribution during my years at university, and in my future career in this field.

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Get expert scientific training in the relationship between the mind, brain, and behaviour and tailor your studies to your interests. Explore Swansea University's wide range of Psychology degrees now.