Submitted by Megan

Primary Education

Submitted by Megan

I believe that teachers have one of the greatest impacts on every individuals life, as they hold great responsibility through educating such a wide range of students. It takes many unique skills to be able to address each unique situation and adapt to every individuals different ways of learning. This is something that really motivates me. I have always been inspired by my teachers and have wanted to make the same impact on the lives of others. I have been intrigued by younger children since being given the responsibility of Lower School Prefect at my previous school. There I had responsibility for helping with both assisting and caring for younger children between the ages of three and seven years old. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and therefore believe that I am suited to study Primary Education, where I hope to further develop my skills in this area. This subject interests me as I believe that education is a vital part of every child's life and I would like to have the opportunity to have an input into children's lives in this way. I am very creative, enthusiastic and hard-working, which I believe to be vital characteristics to bring to a classroom. Studying Primary Education will give me the qualification to become a Primary Teacher and this course of study will enhance my skills and enable me to teach to the best of my ability.

Primary Education as a distinct subject was not available to me as a course of study prior to university however, my subject choice for A Level have given me other relevant skills. English A Level has given me good communication skills, meaning I can both interact well with others, articulate my ideas and also record these is writing. Psychology A Level has given me an insight into how a child's brain and mind work and how information is processed in children. I have completed two weeks work experience in a primary school with a wide range of ages and this has helped me become more confident about my career choice. I have been working and helping with different activities and I have learned to communicate more effectively with both adults and children within a school setting. I also believe I am patient and kind especially with those children who need extra help with their work. I was able to shadow a teacher for two weeks and did 1:1 reading with each child in the class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also assisted the children in the class with activities such as weighing objects for maths. This experience has reinforced my enjoyment for teaching and desire to be a teacher. Throughout my work experience, I was able to further understand the background work of being a teacher and all the planning that goes towards creating a good lesson. I was also involved in administration tasks for example photocopying worksheets and entering test scored into tables. I was also able to experience effective ways to interact with children to gain and maintain their focus and get them to understand the information they find challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and this has had reinforced my enthusiasm for teaching. I am planning to do another week of work experience at another school in order to gain a different school experience.

I have rowed for Shiplake Vikings for 5 years which also I hope to continue at University. I am also a strong member of the netball team and received the players' player of the season award. I have had a part time job, waitressing, throughout my A-levels and this has further developed my communication and interaction skills with the general public. I believe I am a responsible person who can take control of challenging situations. I am really keen to pursue a career in teaching and believe that studying primary education in depth, will further my skills and abilities and be an excellent spring-board to my chosen career.

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