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11 things that annoy you everyday 11 things that annoy you everyday

The top 11 things that annoy you everyday and for some reason, they can happen nearly each and everyday no matter how hard you pray for them not to occur!

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Understanding student bills Understanding student bills

Understanding student bills can be difficult and what the term actually means is even more confusing! Student bills can mean anything that is connected to your student life, or the bills you have to pay on your own now…

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14 embarrassing things to happen to you 14 embarrassing things to happen to you

Here are the most embarrassing things to happen to most people, but especially for teenagers who seemed to be surrounded by adults who don’t understand the modern world, or friends who just suck.

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Join all 20,000 students that attend the The University Of Westminster next year. The University Of Westminster has plenty to offer with an inviting 44 : 56 Male to Female ratio. A diverse university offering a list of fantastic degree courses for only £9000 per academic year.
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Compare Student Bank Accounts

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