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Glasgow Caledonian University

Ranked #105 out of 263 Institutes (Total : 3 Reviews)

(3) raters, average: 3.42 out of 5)
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Reviews for this Institute

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Review #1
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"London boy review "

By: BMW330

My first week of freshers was amazing, which made me very happy with my university choice. I’ve only just started my course and I have learnt so much so far, and you can really tell its a massive step from college. If you are unable to make it into halls, then you can share a house with other students, however you will have to be lucky who you share with as in halls it is more private.

Glasgow is really a great place to be, coming up from just outside london, it is quite an experience. Their accent here is strong but I love it, also the girls love my accent! haha :). Its more expensive that I thought, but it really is brilliant here! Im loving every minute.

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Review #2
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: No

"What if's and maybe's "

By: Trust_R

I think back to my choices when writing this review, Im not sure what I would do given another chance. This university is ok, I don't know how different my time would of been had I went to another university though. I've recently graduated and managed to secure a job, some how.

Private accommodation is the way forward, halls where okay, but they are just so expensive. My house in my second year was nearly have the price. But you meet so many people in halls I would recommend that.

Caledonian is okay but I just felt like my three years passed me by without having a real impact on my life.

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Review #3
  • Accommodation & Area:
  • Employement & Placement:
  • Sports & Nightlife:
  • Uni & Course Quality:
Recommended: Yes

"Nice, Real Nice "


Ive actually travelled to few of my mates unis and I must say I do like it here the best. Maybe I might be biased but I do love it. Everyone at the uni, just seems to be up for a laugh and are really friendly people. But when we get to the classroom people are keen to work, which I think is essential as that is why we are going uni at the end of the day.

The Library is massive and stocked up with loads of books and the 24hr computer room will become very handy, especially as you get to deadline days.

There is a gym on campus, which i attend 3-4 days a week, can be busy is peak times, so I try and go in the morning where its quite.

Im studying Marketing and I think if you have a business or economics background from a levels, you will be a step ahead, however, dont think that it is essential!

I stayed at Caledonian Court, which are stduent halls that are located on campus. I shared with 5 people and is a great experience. There are alot of parties that go on to :)

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