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Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed at University

Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed at University

Dealing With Feeling Overwhelmed at University

University is an experience like no other and even though there are so many great things about studying a degree, there may come a time when it all feels like it is too much to handle, or if you feel like you’re struggling with stress or anxiety at university. If this is the case there are a few steps you can follow on how to deal with feeling overwhelmed at university. Read the advice below to help avoid or ease the situation when you start your studies and answers the million dollar question, will I be alone at university?

The symptoms

There are so many different symptoms of feeling overwhelmed, and they can come in various forms, like stress, procrastination or even a breakdown. If you are having trouble sleeping, not eating properly, feel drained all of the time, having emotional outbursts or feeling genuinely sad and down all of the time these can be signs of stress and that you’re simply taking on too much.

Analyse the situation

If you are experiencing anything lists above you need to analyse the situation. Are you currently working on deadlines, juggling too many classes, at the beginning of university or is it exam season? If that is the case then feeling overwhelmed at university is common during these times. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. If you are feeling stressed during the ‘busy’ periods of university, you can try to make the situation better for you. If you are feeling down most days then you should take the next steps too.

Understand the problem

What is making you feel this way? Is there a certain time of day, lecture or activity that makes you feel the same everytime it happens? It could be that you dislike a certain lesson, or find that you have a heavy deadline approaching so each occasion you sit to complete the work a wave of emotions takes over? Once you understand where it is coming from it will be easier to solve. If you don’t know what it is, you can seek help and hopefully get to the source of the problem.

Seek help

You should seek help, and that can be in any form, from a friend, colleague, family member, tutor or teacher. It’ll be much easier to solve the problems if you ask for aid because you can be pointed in the right direction or the issue can be taken care of swiftly – like moving classes or giving you an extension to a deadline.

Talk about it

You can’t disagree with, ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’, if everyone is saying it! Sometimes just talking about your issues can make you feel better, and you can start making plans through conversations to install change!

Address the issue

Now that you know what the problem is and have spoken to someone about it, it is time to actually alter your schedule, habit, or whatever it is that is bothering so you can feel better. Depending on your personal situation, you could find getting a good night of sleep or having a one-on-one tutorial with your professor really helpful. If you don’t try to address the issue you won’t see the situation getting better!

Do whatever you can to help

If it seems silly – try it! Do those yoga classes, join that ridiculous Quidditch Society, and watch those mushy films! Whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself and help you relax, do it until your heart’s content! Try to steer clear of taking any medication non-prescribed by your doctor or suffering in silence – it could get worse.

Be honest with yourself

In some cases, you might see that you’re simply trying to do so much, or that that class is too challenging for your current academic ability. If these were the reasons then slim down your responsibilities or try to move courses. You’ll be much happier after!

Feeling overwhelmed at university isn’t a good thing for any student, and if you are experiencing any severe emotions or mood swings, talk to your personal tutor or your GP so you can get the help you need. When you address the issue you can work on feeling better and more like you again. Being a student should be a fun experience and you shouldn’t waste that time negatively!

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