What is UCAS Extra?

Becky Kleanthous & Ben Maples  · Feb 27th 2024  · 3 min

UCAS Extra is a service for students who have applied to universities via UCAS and have either not received any offers or have declined offers they have received.


UCAS Extra is an opportunity to add another course to your application, which takes place between February and July. Here is everythingt you need to know about UCAS Extra. Despite its name, UCAS Extra is not about getting extra UCAS points, so you won't be able to ask "How to get extra UCAS points", this is specifically about the system itself - sorry to disappoint!

What you need to know about UCAS Extra 2023

What is UCAS Extra?

So how does UCAS Extra work? UCAS Extra allows you to add another choice to your university selection. If you decline any offers you receive or you’ve used up all of your university course choices, and if you don’t currently hold an offer from a university, then UCAS Extra allows you to add another - an extra!

This process is completely free. This will only happen if you have used up all five of your choices and are not currently “under offer”. If you’re eligible, UCAS will send you the details on how to apply. You can apply for an additional course after this if you still hold no offers after 21 days.

Everything you need to know about UCAS extra 2023

Who can apply for UCAS Extra?

Any student can use UCAS Extra if they’ve made all five UCAS choices without receiving an offer, or if they have declined all offers. Therefore, applying for UCAS Extra places is another chance to receive an offer.

When does UCAS Extra open?

UCAS Extra 2024 is not open all the time. Officially, UCAS Extra opens on the 28th of February 2024 and closes on the 4th of July 2024, the day before Clearing(/advice/ucas/what-is-ucas-clearing/) begins.

How to apply for UCAS Extra

There are two main ways to apply for UCAS Extra. You can apply through the UCAS website, or you can apply to your fifth-choice university directly.

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What happens with my offers in UCAS Extra?

Traditionally, whenever you get an offer from a university, you’ill receive a conditional offer, or an unconditional offer.

The offers are pretty much what it says on the tin:

  • Conditional offer: Your place is guaranteed as long as you meet the terms of the offer.
  • Unconditional offer: You’ll have a place regardless of what grades you have.

Things change with UCAS Extra. If you accept an offer in UCAS Extra, you will become either an Unconditional Firm (UF) or a Conditional Firm (CF). Insurance choices are not permitted in UCAS Extra and you will be committed to your choices.

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Can I change my UCAS Extra choice?

As long as 21 days have passed since your last Extra choice was added, yes, you can! Log in to your UCAS Hub to change your application and use the ‘Add an Extra choice’ option. Remember that this replaces your existing Extra application, as you can only have one at a time.

Can I change my personal statement in UCAS Extra?

Unfortunately, no, your personal statement cannot be changed. If you feel that your current personal statement will negatively affect your UCAS Extra choice, you can contact the university directly. They may consider your updated personal statement in the decision. Include your UCAS number and a cover note to explain why you are sending the personal statement.

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