We've collected a list of Law templates from students who have been accepted at university on Law related courses.

Law Personal Statements

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Law Personal Statement Advice

Your personal statement is the final step in your UCAS application and is arguably the most important. This gives a university the chance to see who you are and for you to show your passion for the subject. The trick to any personal statement is passion for the subject. While it is not a guarantee of getting you a place at university, it is definitely something that all universities want to see in anyone’s personal statement. Before you start work on your Law personal statement, we recommend looking at some previous Law personal statement examples before. These examples will allow you to see what kind of structure your own Law personal statement should have, what tone to use and what to include in your statement. Your Law personal statement doesn’t need to be War and Peace, but it does need to give a clear and concise insight into what makes you who you are and to speak about the passion you have for Law. If you’re still struggling, trying and include these three elements in your Law personal statement as a jumping off point: Talk about your love and passion for Law. Any relevant work experience in the world of Law. Any achievements, academic or otherwise. Try and relate everything in your Law personal statement back to Law where possible. Its not necessarily a requirement, but it does add a bit more synergy and cohesiveness to your personal statement overall.

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