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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto maths and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

Maths Personal Statements

Maths Personal Statement Advice

A mathematics and computer science personal statement is a page-long (ish) document in which you sell yourself as a capable, curious and committed student of computer science and maths. Similarly, a financial mathematics and statistics personal statement is your chance to shine in those particular subjects. Students often place too much weight on the style of their personal statement opening lines: it doesn’t need to include a profound quotation or heartfelt epiphany. Substance is what matters. Mathematics personal statement examples filled with impersonal soundbites might grab attention, but won’t hold it, whilst a financial mathematics personal statement that cuts to the chase with motivation, skills and interests can convince the course leader of your suitability straight away. Begin by listing all the strengths, experiences and achievements you want to include. This will ensure you stay focused. Write in a clear, friendly tone. If you’re working on a PGCE personal statement (or a personal statement for primary teaching in Scotland), then it’s important to come across as personable as well as mathematically skilled. Many mathematics and statistics personal statement examples describe a love of maths, but if you have any particular academic achievements (such as highest ranking in mock exams) then say so! A good mathematical economics personal statement might evidence the ability to stay organised on a challenging course. Managing your time effectively across school, clubs, work etc. can demonstrate these skills. A part-time job in an insurance call-centre could be relevant in a mathematics and actuarial science personal statement. Your computer science and mathematics personal statement should address both subjects: have you made a pet-cam with your Raspberry Pi, or did you programme a game for your sister’s birthday? If you’ve volunteered in a veterinary practice, you might have some experience worth mentioning in your mathematical medicine personal statement.

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