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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto history and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

History Personal Statements

History Personal Statement Advice

Writing a personal statement for university is a major part of the application process. When applying through UCAS, you write and submit a history personal statement; Oxbridge, Bristol, Edinburgh course leaders - or whoever you’ve applied to - sit and read them. It’s your moment to show them who you are and why you would thrive on their degree. The same goes for post-grad studies, for your history masters personal statement. Start by reading a personal history statement example to get a feel for structure and content. We’ve got lots here. Bullet-point your main strengths, goals and achievements before turning these ideas into sentences and paragraphs. For your history personal statement opening, get straight to your interest in the course: why do you want to study a history degree? It’s always wise to trade a personal history statement sample essay with a friend or teacher for some feedback. Sometimes errors or omissions are more obvious to fresh eyes. What are your specific passions? If you recently attended a Georgia O’Keefe exhibition or read a book on Rembrandt, include it in your history of art personal statement. Oxford, Cardiff or UEA will all have different departmental specialists, so if your interests align, do mention it. Address both subjects for joint honours applications. E.g. a history and politics personal statement should also include reference to the debate club or some other political activity. Humanities subjects can be very weighty on the writing, so use your history and English literature personal statement to demonstrate your ability to cope. You can draw upon academic achievements (subject results, competitions etc.) and also wider life skills: managing a part-time job alongside college might show the commitment required for a writing-heavy degree in your English and history personal statement. Some courses require direct experience. Be sure to mention any classroom volunteering/mentorship you’ve undertaken for a PGCE history personal statement.

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