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Our postgraduate section takes a look at all elements of postgraduate study, whether it be writing your personal statement, identifying the different degree types or student finance.

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Our postgraduate section gives you an in-depth look at postgraduate study. In this section, we will look at everything you need from a Master’s degree, to a PGCE degree all the way through to a PhD.

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Apr 13th 2023

In this guide, we walk you through everything you need to know about the PGDE Scotland.

Postgraduate, PHD and Masters Articles

Postgraduate PhD interview questions: Everything you need to know

Nov 23rd 2023 · 7 min read

If you’re going to be studying a PhD, you will need to have an interview for your degree. We have a number of PhD inter...

Postgraduate What is PWP training?

Nov 8th 2023 · 6 min read

PWP training is becoming more and more popular for students looking for a career in mental health.

Postgraduate Postgraduate Diploma

Jun 2nd 2023

The rise of postgraduate qualifications has seen more and more students look at new qualifications. Qualifications such...

Postgraduate What is an SQE?

May 31st 2023

The SQE is the latest qualification for those looking to become fully-qualified solicitors. Specifically, this qualific...

Postgraduate What is a Graduate Diploma in Law?

May 26th 2023 · 5 min read

Law ranks as one of the hardest degrees that you will ever study, all practices of Law take a long time to learn and th...

Postgraduate PhD

Apr 13th 2023

Now, we’re not talking about the PhD diet whey protein powder, but more of the mastery of a particular field or subject...

Postgraduate What are the Advantages of Doing a Postgraduate Degree?

Apr 13th 2023

Do you need to do a postgraduate degree, or is it all just a load of overhyped nonsense? Well, the postgraduate degree ...

Postgraduate PGDE

Apr 13th 2023

In this guide, we walk you through everything you need to know about the PGDE Scotland.

Postgraduate PgCert

Apr 13th 2023

Postgraduate study has grown in popularity over the years. So too has the PgCert, but what is a PgCert?

Postgraduate PGCE Degree

Apr 13th 2023

A PGCE degree is a higher education course that is run in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it is a course that is a...

Postgraduate MLitt

Apr 12th 2023

The MLitt is a degree that is offered in England and Scotland and covers certain subjects relating to Arts and Humaniti...

Postgraduate MPhil

Dec 15th 2022

Why just stick with a normal undergraduate degree when you could grab a postgraduate degree as well? The MPhil is the p...

Postgraduate PG Dip

Mar 7th 2022

Postgraduate study is the hardest part of a student’s university career, but the PGDip is a course that can make your p...

Postgraduate Masters Degree

Feb 16th 2022

A Master’s qualification is a postgraduate degree course that students can do once they obtain an undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate Postgraduate Loan

Nov 29th 2021

Student finance is a big problem for a lot of students, bursaries, grants and scholarships are always available, but wh...

Postgraduate PhD Studentships

Nov 29th 2021

The money involved with universities these days is enough to put anyone off the idea of higher education, but we recomm...

Postgraduate PGCE Funding

Nov 29th 2021

Funding exists for all courses, but just how does it work for a PGCE degree? Does a PGCE degree even have funding of an...

Postgraduate Master of Arts

Nov 25th 2021

For those looking for a postgraduate qualification in either an Arts or Humanities subject, the Master of Arts is the p...

Postgraduate Distance Learning Masters

Nov 25th 2021

A Masters Degree Distance Learning UK is somewhat novel idea, but you'd be surprised just how many universities are...

Postgraduate BPTC

Nov 25th 2021

The BPTC is one of the most important courses you can study when looking to become a Barrister and is compulsory for al...

Postgraduate MEng

Nov 23rd 2021

A MEng degree is a big step for those looking for a career in Engineering and is one of the few qualifications in the U...

Postgraduate DBA

Nov 23rd 2021

Looking for one of the best degrees available in Business Administration? Then the DBA is the thing for you.

Postgraduate MRCS

Nov 23rd 2021

For students looking to become a member of the four surgical colleges in the UK, the MRCS is a mandatory postgraduate q...

Postgraduate BCAT

Nov 22nd 2021

The BCAT is an important postgraduate examination and those looking to become a Barrister will find it impossible witho...

Postgraduate LPC

Nov 19th 2021

Those looking to become a Solicitor in England or Wales should consider the LPC, an essential qualification in your aca...

Postgraduate LLM

Nov 19th 2021

For those looking for a more specialised kind of Law degree and looking to gain an insightful knowledge of more specifi...

Postgraduate Doctorate

Nov 19th 2021

The Doctorate degree may be essential for anyone that is trying to become a doctor, but does it have any other applicat...

Postgraduate Part Time PhD

Nov 18th 2021

With PhDs being offered by universities, more and more have started to offer part time PhDs as well!

Postgraduate MFDS

Nov 18th 2021

Those looking to take up a career in Dentistry will almost certainly need to look into the MFDS qualification.

Postgraduate MSc Degree

Nov 18th 2021

The MSc is a somewhat paradoxical qualification in that it is well-known, but not very much is known about what it actu...

Postgraduate Integrated Masters

Nov 17th 2021

Plenty of students look to study a Masters Degree or even to study a PhD course and any other kind of postgraduate degr...

Postgraduate PhD Students

Nov 16th 2021

The PhD is a long-standing UK qualification and has been part of the fabric of UK universities for as long as higher ed...

Postgraduate Masters Scholarships

Nov 12th 2021

Master Scholarships are very much the upcoming thing in postgraduate study. Although they have been around for a while,...

Postgraduate What is Postgraduate?

Nov 1st 2021

Postgraduate education has seen an upsurge in uptake for students in the UK. More and more students are looking at Post...

Postgraduate What do Universities Look for in a Postgraduate?

Nov 1st 2021

What do universities look for in a postgraduate candidate? There are plenty of different things they look for and they ...

Postgraduate Masters in Education

May 17th 2021

The Masters in Education is a very important part in your arsenal when it comes to applying for teaching positions.

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