We've collected a list of Biology templates from students who have been accepted at university on Biology related courses.

Biology Personal Statements

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Biology Personal Statement Advice

Your Biology personal statement is the pièce de résistance of your UCAS application. Though the rest of the application is obviously important, your Biology personal statement is the real make or break moment for most students. With a Biology personal statement, universities are always looking for students who have a real and vested interest in the subject they’re applying for. Passion and love for the subject will always sell you to universities much better than grades can. Remember, grades are what allow you to apply for the university, the personal statement is what gets you the place! A lot of students can initially feel a little overwhelmed by the task of writing about themselves. Don’t worry, this is a perfectly natural thing for a student to feel. We therefore recommend that before you start writing your Biology personal statement, you start looking through some Biology personal statement examples beforehand. Your statement doesn't need to be War and Peace, it just needs to be a concise and comprehensive collection of information about you and your passions. Talk about your love of Biology and what prompted your interest in the subject. If you're still struggling after looking at some Biology personal statement examples, then we recommend looking to include these three elements in your Biology personal statement: Your passion for Biology. Anything you've done that is related to the subject. Your work or study achievements. Make sure that whatever you're writing links into Biology and your passion for it!

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