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We've collected a list of Economics templates from students who have been accepted at university on Economics related courses.

Economics Personal Statements

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Economics Personal Statement Advice

The best business economics personal statement examples describe a student’s interests, goals, strengths and motivations. It gives the uni a picture of who you are and why you will be successful with them. Beyond undergraduate study, a postgraduate economics personal statement is still essential and covers many of the same themes. Whether it’s an economics masters personal statement or an economics PhD personal statement, it’s important to give yourself the credit you deserve, and present yourself as winningly as possible. Start planning your business and economics personal statement by brainstorming ideas: what skills make an effective student, and how can you demonstrate those skills through past experiences or achievements? You might find it helpful to work with a financial / economics personal statement layout. That way, you can focus on high quality content and not worry so much about the structure. Always allow time to return to your draft to make changes, and proof-read for spelling and grammar. Business departments expect attention to detail, and errors can undermine a personal statement for economics degree students. Keep it professional! If you’re going for joint honours, tailor your statement to suit those particular subjects. A business management and economics personal statement might mention a role of responsibility, such as a position on your college’s student council. Or for an economics and finance personal statement, you could mention managing the budget for entertainment at the leavers’ prom. Don’t list endless clubs or musical awards if you can’t link them to the programme. Earning an entry-level swimming badge ten years ago is nice, but is it really going to enhance an economics and accounting personal statement? Be choosy with your details so that course leaders notice high quality skills, not filler or waffle.

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