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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto pharmacology and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

Pharmacology Personal Statements

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Pharmacology Personal Statement Advice

Your personal statement is the final piece of the puzzle for your UCAS application and is arguably the most important one. Your Pharmacology personal statement is your chance to really sell yourself to a university and is also the chance to show your passion for the subject. Universities love to see students with passion and a real vested interest in the subject. When writing your Pharmacology personal statement, we recommend having a quick look at some Pharmacology personal statement examples beforehand. These examples will give you a sense of the tone you should use, the kind of things you should be including and what structure your Pharmacology personal statement should be following. Your Pharmacology personal statement doesn’t need to be War and Peace, but it should be a clear and concise picture of you and who you are. Don’t worry about the character count, you can easily write 4,000 words once you get into the swing of things. One quick tip from us, is when you're writing your Pharmacology personal statement, we recommend trying to link as much of the content back to Pharmacology where possible, as this will make the statement more cohesive and synergetic.

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