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Our Study Abroad category covers everything from studying abroad, travel for students, the benefits of studying abroad, why you should study at a university abroad and more.

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Not all students want to stay in the UK. Many students want to explore the big wide world and take their education to the next level, maybe even another continent! If you are looking to study abroad, then we’ve got everything you need to know about study abroad programmes and more, here.

Study Abroad Articles

Studying Abroad What is an ISIC card and how to get one

Mar 13th 2024

For students studying abroad, it's important to have identification on you at all times. Enter the ISIC card!

Studying Abroad Everything you need to know about J1 visas and who should apply

Mar 13th 2024

Looking to undertake an exchange programme in the U.S.? Don't forget your J1 visa! There are a few moving parts, so...

Studying Abroad Studying in Iceland

Mar 12th 2024

Iceland offers a brilliant university system, a high quality of life and a stunning landscape.

Studying Abroad US Scholarships for Students Looking to Study in the USA

Dec 5th 2023

Studying in the US has been a popular choices for UK students over the past few years, especially given the wide range ...

Studying Abroad Applying for American Universities

Dec 5th 2023

Plenty of students have been travelling from the UK to the USA to study, but have been running into a few complications...

Studying Abroad Study Abroad

Nov 29th 2023

Deciding whether to study abroad or to attend university at home can be an incredibly difficult decision.

Studying Abroad What is an F1 Visa?

Nov 20th 2023 · 11 min read

Students in the UK often look to study abroad, with one of the most popular places being America. More than 9,000 UK st...

Studying Abroad IELTS

Aug 21st 2023

When looking to study in the UK, non-native speakers will often be required to sit a number of exams to test people’s u...

Studying Abroad Scholarships for International Students in UK

Apr 13th 2023

We’ve covered university grants, bursaries and scholarships for International Students

Studying Abroad Studying in Belgium

Nov 29th 2021

Known for its high-quality education and modest tuition fees, Belgium could be the perfect country for prospective stud...

Studying Abroad M1 Visa

Nov 29th 2021

The prospect of studying in America is very alluring to a number of UK students, however, students are required to have...

Studying Abroad International Baccalaureate

Nov 29th 2021

We’ve compiled a useful guide, to help you understand everything that you need to know about an International Baccalaur...

Studying Abroad European Health Insurance

Nov 29th 2021

If a student is thinking of studying abroad then they will have to look into European Health Insurance, it will be vita...

Studying Abroad Erasmus Programme

Nov 29th 2021

The Erasmus Programme is a student exchange programme that works across Europe.

Studying Abroad Studying in Norway

Nov 23rd 2021

Norway, which is famous for the Northern Lights, has much more to offer than its beautiful landscapes.

Studying Abroad Studying in Denmark

Nov 23rd 2021

With its non-existent tuition fees and high number of English taught degree courses, Denmark is a popular choice for st...

Studying Abroad Studying in Ireland

Jun 17th 2021

Ireland is renowned for its educational excellence and could be the perfect place for students to further their studies.

Studying Abroad Studying in Switzerland

Jun 9th 2021

Universities in Switzerland are notorious for their excellent education system.

Studying Abroad Studying in Sweden

Jun 8th 2021

Studying in Sweden offers students a world-class education at a fraction of the price of other European countries.

Studying Abroad Studying in Portugal

Jun 8th 2021

Portugal is a beautiful country and has a long history when it comes to higher education.

Studying Abroad Studying in Italy

May 18th 2021

Italy is a country rich in history and culture.

Studying Abroad Studying in Germany

Feb 11th 2021

Studying in Germany will put students at the heart of Europe.

Studying Abroad Tier 4 Visa

Feb 11th 2021

Plenty of international students look to study in the UK every year, while the UK plays host to a number of students fr...

Studying Abroad B1 Visa

Oct 7th 2020

Many people want to study in the United States, but there are also people who wish to work in the country as well. This...

Studying Abroad Studying in France

Oct 7th 2020

France offers tuition fees that are significantly lower than in the UK.

Studying Abroad Studying in Finland

Sep 23rd 2020

With its free tuition fees and league-topping universities, Finland is a desirable country for prospective students.

Studying Abroad Studying in Spain

Sep 21st 2020

Tuition fees in Spain are actually among the lowest in the whole of Europe, so the possibility of studying in this beau...

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