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In this section, we aim to make the pain points a little more manageable. Here, we will show you how to advise your students who want to study abroad, how to start writing a UCAS reference and how to maintain your work-life balance.

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TeacherEffective Revision Strategies in the Classroom

Feb 16th 2022

The summer term always requires a bit of a tummy-wobbling leap of faith for teachers. After two or more years pouring students’ brains full of every scrap of knowledge you think they might need, you then have to take a big step back.

Teacher/School Articles

Teacher What is SCITT?

Jul 12th 2024

Those looking to become a teacher or build-up previous teaching qualifications with a postgraduate degree, look no furt...

Teacher Step-By-Step Guide to Helping Your Students with Their University Applications

Dec 5th 2023

Oh to be 18 again. All that potential; all those opportunities. Relationships, independence, work, study and travel all...

Teacher Advising Your Students to Study Abroad

Dec 5th 2023

Ever since the rise in tuition fees, studying abroad has become an appealing option for college and sixth form leavers ...

Teacher Give your students a fond farewell with these thoughtful ways of saying goodbye

Nov 13th 2023

Saying goodbye to students at the end of the year can be bittersweet. It’s the relief as the stressed and strains of wo...

Teacher How to Support Your Students in Choosing a University

Apr 13th 2023

Adulthood. Freedom. Power. Just one hideous aspect of being a grown-up is the crushing weight of decision-making. Some ...

Teacher How to Maintain Your Students’ Focus When UCAS Offers Knock Them Sideways

Apr 13th 2023

In a world filled with carrots and sticks, wouldn’t it be great if we could stop tripping over all the root vegetables ...

Teacher Preparing Your Students for Clearing

Apr 13th 2023

Everyone knows it: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Easy, right? Perhaps so, except this nifty catchphras...

Teacher How to Help Your Students with University Interview Practice

Feb 3rd 2023

Interviews generally fall into the same life-event category as MOTs, divorce and dentist trips. Does anyone get excited...

Teacher What are SKE Courses?

Jun 21st 2022

Do you want to teach but feel you don’t know enough about the subject? Then a subject knowledge enhancement course is p...

Teacher What is QTS?

Jun 17th 2022

If you are looking to become a teacher, you need to make sure that you have all the correct qualifications. A QTS is on...

Teacher Effective Revision Strategies in the Classroom

Feb 16th 2022

The summer term always requires a bit of a tummy-wobbling leap of faith for teachers. After two or more years pouring s...

Teacher Student Finance: A Calendar

Feb 16th 2022

The early bird catches the worm. A stitch in time saves nine. Make hay while the sun shines.

Teacher Where to Start with Writing that UCAS Reference

Feb 16th 2022

Job titles are funny things, aren’t they? Particularly the ‘t-word’ that none of us like to drop into introductions. I ...

Teacher Get Your Students Serious About Finance

Dec 14th 2021

“Money, money, money,” as Abba once posited so philosophically, “is an absolute nightmare.” Or something to that effec...

Teacher How to Support Your Students to Produce their Best Personal Statements

Dec 13th 2021

Who are you? It’s a big question. Perhaps even the biggest question. You’ve done all the online quizzes, and you’re con...

Teacher Helping Students Get an A*

Dec 13th 2021

Year after year, students and teachers wince as they endure the crotchety old grumbles that “exams are getting easier”....

Teacher Here to Help: Putting on Your Hat as a New Careers Advisor

Dec 13th 2021

It’s nearing 1am on Sunday morning and you’re on the sofa with a coffee (in your “Best Teacher” mug, obv.) and a huge p...

Teacher Make Your UCAS Reference Personal and Positive

Dec 13th 2021

There are many things you might want to say about Millie Thompson if given the opportunity: she’s consistently late to ...

Teacher Tackling Tricky UCAS References

Dec 13th 2021

Do you remember the time when you were young and foolish, and your boss did something innocuous to annoy you, so you ph...

Teacher Recommended Tools and Resources for You

Dec 13th 2021

Good teachers are like magpies, noticing little glimmers of gold everywhere and stashing them away for later.

Teacher Explaining Russell Group Universities to Your Students

Dec 10th 2021

Between studying for their A Levels and deciding which degree course appeals to them most, students have very little ti...

Teacher The Complete Guide to Supporting Students Through Their Oxbridge Applications

Nov 29th 2021

‘Oxford’ or ‘Cambridge’ would be the first names to trip off most people’s tongues when considering impressive British ...

Teacher How to Prepare Your Students with University Study Skills

Jun 9th 2021

Even the leap from GCSEs and Nationals to A Levels and Highers can seem like a steep ascension to many learners, so it’...

Teacher How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

Dec 7th 2020

During exam season, and the steep ramp up to it, work seems to turn all the way up to 11. This leaves your “life” hang...

Teacher Using Predicted Grades for References

Dec 2nd 2020

During the UCAS application window (other than six months off and a large glass of wine), what’s top of every teacher’s...

Teacher Motivating Your Students

Nov 30th 2020

It’s 2pm on a Saturday and half your students are in their family homes, still lazing in bed, only occasionally opening...

Teacher Giving Careers Advice to 11-16 Year-Olds

Oct 5th 2020

Modern society can be such a paradox sometimes; on the one hand, people seem to be growing up more slowly (six-year-old...

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