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We've collected a list of Medicine templates from students who have been accepted at university on Medicine related courses.

Medicine Personal Statements

Medicine Personal Statement Advice

Your UCAS application comprises your educational attainment info, a reference, and a personal statement. Together, this data helps provide a fuller picture to the universities on your list, and the personal statement is the aspect which you have most control over. It pays dividends, therefore, to produce the best possible medicine personal statement. Make a list of your strengths and achievements, and add to it whenever you gain something new and noteworthy. Which are the strongest skills to recommend you as a student of medicine? These points can form the skeleton of your medicine personal statement structure. Every strength should be supported by evidence. For example, if you write that you have a passion for biology in your Medicine personal statement, how can you prove that? Maybe you’ve attended clubs, read around the subject, or entered competitions. Don’t worry about how to end a personal statement: it’s not a novel. As long as it seems complete (and not like the laptop has been whisked away from you, mid-writing), it doesn’t need to be a literary spectacle. Just round things up neatly, summarising your main reasons for applying and key assets as a future medical professional. Mention your motivation for choosing this course. If you’re drafting a Bristol medicine personal statement, don’t be too specific about the location, as it’s likely one of several on your list, but you should be specific about the subject: why do you want to study medicine? What are your ambitions? Any work or voluntary experience can be useful in an application. Good veterinary medicine personal statement examples might include details of a voluntary role in an animal shelter, or a part-time job as a dog walker. In fact, any life skills can be included. A busy schedule can be evidence of strong organisational skills; re-sitting a year at college can be proof of commitment and a strong work-ethic; interpersonal skills developed while travelling or working can enhance medicine gap year personal statements.

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