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When to Apply for Student Finance?

When to Apply for Student Finance?

When to Apply for Student Finance?

When students begin the application process student finance is usually at the back of their mind, because of all the decisions they have to make along the way. Although you might think you can’t apply for student finance until after your A-Level results, or when you definitely have a place but you don’t have to wait that long.

The hypothetical doors of student finance are already open for the next academic year, meaning you can apply now!

The first thing you should set up is your own personal details and to connect your parents account to your own – if their income will affect your student loan allowance. This can take a little bit of time so it’s good to get it out of the way now.

Secondly, have a look around the website, make notes of all contact preferences such as email, telephone (which you’ll definitely be using most) and bookmark the website on your browser. Once you have an account become familiar with the different tabs and pages, so that you feel completely comfortable with the site.

The next step is to add a university and a course so that student finance know where to send your tuition fee loans. Once you receive your offers from your chosen universities on UCAS track, you can add your confirmed choice to your student loan.

It doesn’t matter if your offer isn’t concrete at the moment, you can change your course as many times as the information changes, as long as you inform student finance correctly and as soon as any of these changes happen. If you forget to tell student finance about your university or course changes then it will only lengthen the complicated process later – your tuition fees may take a while to reach your actual institution.

You can still set up your account in advance, and change the necessary information later. Don’t fret if you haven’t received any offers as of yet, or if you a-level results aren’t what you expected. You are still able to go through clearing smoothly and receive the right student finance.

If you feel that it’s too early to set up an account before your exams, create a profile with student finance just before results day and get all of the necessary paperwork ready – P60s and other forms – so that your student finance allowance gets to you on time before you start term.

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