UCAS Application Deadline 2024

Ben Maples  · Aug 30th 2023  · 3 min

If you are thinking of going to university, there are several key dates that you need to be aware of before you send off your UCAS application.


All students looking to go to university need to be aware of the UCAS deadlines. Some applications open early and others open much later. Here are all the information and UCAS deadlines you need to remember!

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When is the UCAS deadline?

The UCAS applications deadline remains the same every year. The deadline depends on the course you are applying for and on the university you are applying to.

Deadlines have been known to change depending on course availability. Some degrees have limited spaces, like teaching courses or midwifery courses, which may mean that their application deadlines are brought forward.

You can track your application using UCAS Hub. Clearing will mean that you will not need to worry too much about a missed UCAS deadline or when to apply to university.

When is the deadline for personal statements?

The personal statement deadline will depend on the course that you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for dentistry courses, medicine courses and veterinary courses - or are applying to the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford, you will need to have your personal statement completed by 15th October.

For those who are applying elsewhere, the date is different. Other students will need to ensure that their personal statement is completed and part of their university application by 31st January.

What are the key dates?

The date for each of the key dates in the UCAS calendar remain the same every year. A Level results day may change, however, university application deadlines do not.

Date Event
5th September 2023 All undergraduate applications must be submitted to UCAS.
2nd October 2023 Closing date for conservatoires music applications.
16th October 2023 Oxbridge application closing date. Also closing date for applications for dentistry, medicine and veterinary courses.
31st January 2024 Deadline for most undergraduate courses.
28th February 2024 UCAS Extra opens.
5th July 2024 Clearing officially opens.
15th August 2024
  • A Level Results day.
  • BTEC results day.
  • T Level results day.
21st September 2024 Final date for 2024 applications.
17th October 2024 Clearing closes.

College application deadlines can differ. If the college does not use UCAS as their primary application method, you must speak to the college and find the relevant key dates. Colleges will also have a process in place to help applicants that miss the deadline for college applications.

When do I need to make my decision?

Universities will make their decisions known before you receive your required results. Whether you have received a conditional offer or an unconditional offer, you will need to reply by the following dates.

  • 6th June 2024: If you have received all your decisions by 16th May 2024, you will need to reply by this date.
  • 24th July 2024: If you have received all your decisions by 17th July 2024, you will need to reply by this date.

Not all courses will be on time. If you want to accept an offer for a course that begins before your reply date, you must contact the college or university and speak to them about the next step.

Some universities provide earlier deadlines for students to reply. If you do not accept this offer in time, the offer may be withdrawn.

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What do I do if my course is automatically declined?

You will need to call UCAS. Students have 14 days after their course was automatically declined to change things.

It may still be possible after 14 days, but this becomes much harder for UCAS to reverse. In this instance, UCAS may need permission from the university before they can offer you the option to accept. You may need to contact them beforehand.

UCAS cannot and will not swap replies after 25th July 2024.

Can I still apply to university if I miss the UCAS deadline?

You can still apply after the uni deadline. However, your application will not be given the same consideration as applications that arrived before the deadline.

After 31st January 2024, you will have until 30th June 2024 to apply to a university of your choice. However, applications made after 30th June 2024 will be automatically entered into Clearing.

When will I receive my UCAS points tally?

You will receive your UCAS points when you receive your A-Level results. Your UCAS points tally is very important for your university application.

As you are applying to university before you will receive your points, universities often go by your predicted grades. You will usually receive a conditional offer if you are offered a place related to your predicted grades.

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