UCAS Application deadline 2025

Ben Maples  · May 16th 2024  · 3 min

2025 is creeping ever closer and if you're thinking of going to university, it’s time to start planning your application! But, how long do you have?


If you’re hoping to apply for university in 2025, there are some dates you’ll want to be aware of. Here, we’ll break down when the UCAS deadline is, when to apply and more!

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When is the UCAS deadline 2025?

There are a few UCAS deadlines you should be aware of. Most courses and universities have the same UCAS deadline, which is the 29th of January 2025.

However, if you’re applying for dentistry courses, medicine courses or veterinary science courses, or if you’re applying to either the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford, then you’ll need to apply in October.

Why do I have to apply for certain courses and Oxbridge early?

The main reason is because of admissions tests and interviews. Oxbridge likes to hold admissions tests and interviews in mid to late December, so they want you to get your applications in as soon as possible.

Universities also interview students for dentistry, medicine, and veterinary science courses, so they need applications earlier to schedule interviews.

What’s the deadline for personal statements?

Your personal statement is submitted at the same time as your UCAS application. So be sure to have your personal statement ready for this deadline too!

Our advice? Try to get it done sooner rather than later, since it's generally considered to be the toughest part of the whole application process.

Can I still apply to university if I miss the UCAS deadline?

You can still apply after the deadline. However, your application will not be given the same consideration as applications that arrived before the deadline.

UCAS registration deadline 2024

Key dates

  • Tuesday 14th May 2024: Undergraduate applications for 2025 are officially open! You can now start your application on your UCAS Hub
  • Tuesday 15th October 2024: Deadline for dentistry courses, medicine courses, veterinary science courses and applications to the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford
  • Wednesday, the 29th of January 2025: Deadline for undergraduate applications
  • Wednesday 26th February 2025: UCAS Extra opens
  • Monday 30th June 2025: All applications received on this deadline are sent to universities and colleges
  • Friday 4th July 2025: Last day to add an Extra choice to your application
  • Saturday 5th July 2025: Clearing officially opens. Also A-Level Results Day, T Level Results Day and BTEC Results day
  • Monday 20th October 2025: Last date for Clearing choices

What do if my application is declined?

If you are rejected by a university, you’ll have plenty of options. If you miss out on your first choice, you can always look at your insurance choice. If you don’t meet the entry requirements, or if you've had a change of heart and don’t want to join them anymore, then you can apply for a new course in UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra runs until the 4th of July 2025. If you apply after the deadline has passed, then you'll be entered into Clearing. If you really had your heart set on a certain university you could retake your A-Levels, but talk to your teachers before making any decision.

If you still find you're struggling, check out our useful guide on what to do if you're rejected by a university.

What do I do if my course is automatically declined?

You’ll need to contact UCAS. Students can change things 14 days after their course is automatically declined.

It may still be possible after 14 days, but this becomes much harder for UCAS to reverse. In this instance, UCAS will need permission from the university before they can offer you the option to accept.

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