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What is UCAS Clearing?

Clearing matches potential students with universities that still have spaces available on some of their courses. You can enter Clearing if you haven't been accepted onto a course you applied for, missed the original university application deadline, or would like to change what you will be studying.

How do I apply to a university through Clearing?

First, you will need to receive an informal offer from a university. This is done by calling up universities' Clearing hotlines and asking for a spot on a course you're interested in. When you have an informal offer, you will need to add the course to your UCAS Track account. Once the university has formalised your offer on Track, the space is all yours.

If you are still holding an offer from your insurance choice or your firm choice, you will not be allowed to enter the Clearing process. You will need to reject offers from your insurance and your firm before you can accept another offer. It is recommended that you speak to the university of the Clearing course you are interested in before making any decisions. Once you have a verbal offer from them, then you can reject your other choices.

How many university Clearing courses can I add?

You can only add one Clearing choice at a time. If the university or college does not confirm your place, then you are able to add another one.

When does UCAS Clearing start and end?

Clearing starts on Wednesday, the 5th of July 2023 and ends on Wednesday, the 18th of October 2023.

Do I need a personal statement for Clearing?

You do not need a personal statement for Clearing. However, you will need one if you are applying for university for the first time through the service. If you are going to be speaking to universities on the phone at any point, it is recommended that you keep your personal statement close by, in case you need to refer to it at any point.

What is Clearing Plus?

Clearing Plus is a free service set up by UCAS. The service is designed to speed up the Clearing process by finding personalised course matches for students. The service is overseen by the UCAS Clearing team, who will use what they know about you from your original application and what they know about the types of students universities are looking for to pair you with the ideal course.

Can I apply directly to a university for Clearing?

Yes, you can. However, any offer made to you regarding Clearing courses will still need to be accepted through UCAS.

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