We work with universities and help them connect with thousands of students.

Compare courses, read personal statement examples, book open days and requests prospectuses. We connect students with the university of their dreams.

Our Mission

Uni Compare's story starts at the very heart of the problem - helping students find the right course at the right university. Everyone's journey is unique when it comes to education, and it's our goal to help prospective students find their way.

Despite help from teachers, fellow students and parents, students still have trouble applying to university as they try to navigate the application process and work out which university they should apply to. What course is best for them? And how do you arrange your student accommodation?

Uni Compare's mission is to aggregate data using a cross-platform solution. The idea was simple; let's move the entire process of researching and applying to university, online.

Uni Compare will always stay true to its mission of helping students, we want to create a world where any student can apply to any university. We will always remain focused on creating a cross-platform product that helps students achieve this goal.

We care very deeply about our community and the power of education. We are focused on building a future for students, driving strong and sustained growth, and helping students start a long life of learning and long-term career success.

Join the Team

Join a team that is passionate, focused, has unlimited holiday, European trips away, a relaxed work from home attitude with high reward environment, London nights out and helps more that 9-million students globally find a place at hundreds of UK universities.

No jobs available. Check back soon

Unfortunately, we don't have any positions available at the moment. Is it still worth getting in contact? Of course! If you think you can add value to our team and help us grow then we would love to hear from you. Reach out to our Founder with your CV and cover letter.