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Cheap Options for Undergraduates

Cheap Options for Undergraduates

Cheap Options for Undergraduates

A discipline that all students need to master is the ability to source out cheaper options and to make their money stretch further. It can be hard to budget your student loan to ensure it lasts for three months! If you think you’ll be having trouble with your student finances; have a look at our cheap options for undergraduates.

All you can eat options

Early Bird

Some restaurants like The Harvester have cheaper options like the early bird menu. Also, check out lunch menus and see when they finish (it might run until the late afternoon), as you could save yourself a bundle by going out slightly earlier than planned!

Student Discount

A healthy diet and lifestyle are important, but we all need fast food once in a while. Sometimes fast food chains like McDonald’s offer freebies when you present your student card. Take a gander at your local food venues to see if they’re doing any deals, such as a free cookie or snack with your meal. Student discounts will save you a lot of money when you’re at university.

Meal Deals

You can never go wrong with a meal deal; especially from Boots, Greggs or a supermarket. Most places that sell sandwiches offer a meal deal which could save you money if you’ll end up buying a snack or drink later on anyway.


Lastly, you’ll always save money when you cook a meal yourself! It might sound hard to believe but buying the ingredients and cooking at home will help your wallet in the long run. If you have a recipe which is intended for more than two people you could always freeze the extras and eat it another time. Have a look for some student recipes and see if you can make some yourself!

Undergraduates - Students in the kitchen

Nights Out

Student Nights

Your university campus may be lucky enough to have a club or bar included, if so, check out your student nights to save some dough. Local venues will also feature student nights where the drinks or entry fee might be on offer!


When a bar or club (or your student union) has an event on, your night might be slightly cheaper if you’re there at that time. Certain venues lower drink prices or entry fees because of the event or have it all included in one!

Changing Place

Depending on where your university is based, specific clubs and bars owned by the same company can offer entry deals, where if you pay to enter one club you gain free entry to their partner venue. If you and your friends fancy a change of scenery, then this option is great!

Booking Tickets in Advance

Whether it is travel, holidays, gigs, or concerts, if you buy tickets on the day that they go on sale you’ll always pay the starting price. By leaving it too late, you might find yourself having to pay ridiculous prices just to guarantee you can go.


If you’re planning a night on the town, pre-drinking can save you money and will be in the safety of your home/halls/room. Bar and club prices are always more expensive than buying alcohol from a supermarket. You’ll save money from the entire night by having a few drinks with friends before you leave. It’s also an opportunity to play drinking games with your friends and housemates, especially if you’re big group, who are splitting up to go to separate places, just don’t be boring and sit around talking about student budgeting tips with your mates before a night out!

Undergraduates - Glasses

Bits and Bobs

A New ‘Do’

Student services are generally cheaper than the average or well known brands. Particular universities have hairdressers and cafes on campus – which could be a part of a degree course – where local students work and manage them. You could discover that the discounted prices help to tighten your purse strings!

Buying in Bulk

As a student, you can never underestimate the significance of ordering in bulk – from toilet paper to food. If there are special offers and deals being promoted on the brands and products you use, then you’ll be saving money in the long run. Be careful not to shop on an empty stomach or finding yourself buying extras when you don’t need or use them!

Trip to the Market

Most institutions have farmer’s markets that visit the campus once a week, with fruit and vegetables, clothes and more – each market is completely different to the next! Check out your market (if you don’t have a market that visits your university, try out the nearest town) to buy fresh goods for less. When you visit the university on your open day, be sure to check out the local area out too, also see our city guides.

Understanding how money makes the world go round can be difficult – it is always easy to give in to impulse buys and ‘treating’ yourself when you go shopping. However, you need to watch what you spend now that you’re a student. If you take some of our cheap options for undergraduates on board, then your wallet will feel heavier and your conscience lighter!

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