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Intro Examples of Personal Statements

Intro Examples of Personal Statements

Intro Examples of Personal Statements

The hardest part of writing your personal statement will undoubtedly be the introduction. We advise you to save this bit until last, as you can then gain a feel of the piece of writing. We have intro examples of personal statements for several subjects below to give you an idea of why they work.

Examples of English personal statement introductions:

  1. I have always been fascinated by the English Language, and this has fuelled my love of reading, writing and telling stories that I’ve had since I was a child. Throughout secondary school and college, my knowledge and interests surrounding English have grown. I have read and analysed texts from a variety of genres and…
  1. Ever since I have been able to, I have enjoyed writing and telling stories. I believe that writing gives me the freedom to live purely in my own imagination and to explore my creativity that I can’t receive from any other medium. I have always been influenced by my favourite writers and the way that they can influence readers’ thoughts, emotions and imagination through the art of writing.

These introductions of English Personal Statement examples are particularly effective because the individual discusses why they enjoy the subject and the prospect of an English Language and Literature degree. They also show admission tutors which skills, analysis and abilities that would be utilised at degree level. The students talk about all aspects of English, from reading, writing and storytelling that would be further explored during their degree. It displays that they conducted sufficient research into the subject and drew from their personal experiences.

Examples of Law personal statement introductions:

  1. I have always been fascinated by Law and intrigued by the developments within the subject. It is a vital part of our society, and how we grow up understanding what is right and wrong morally and ethically. It is an important part of our culture and development as human beings, and I want to be a part of it.
  2. I remember when I decided I wanted to study law at university. I was reading a newspaper and realised that almost every news article was related to law. It is amazing how that his system is at the heart of everything we know and do and affects our daily lives to the extent that it does.

The two law personal statement examples above write about how this subject is important in many areas of our daily lives, from law and order to the media that people consume every day. Law is a vital part of our society and aids to develop human beings in their search for ethics and their place in the world. Law degree students will study numerous case studies, laws and themes during a degree course and these students are aware of that.

Examples of Mathematics personal statement introductions:

  1. Mathematics has always made me curious, and I feel that I have always had a flair for the subject as I have enjoyed it at every stage of education. It is a pivotal subject that others depend on greatly, such as chemistry and physics. I enjoy knowing that there are formulas, structures and codes to crack throughout the subject and I always enjoy looking for the answer.
  2. I have always been quite studious, and I believe this is why I enjoy studying Mathematics as much as I do. I feel that we are a perfect fit as I prefer everything to be in order and admire that it is full of undisputed answers that are my job to find. I love to absorb information and Mathematics is the perfect subject for me to expand my mind even further.

Although Maths is a core subject for most students until they reach further education level, it fascinates some individuals more than others. These mathematic personal statement examples showcase the individual’s passion for the subject as well explaining why they are the perfect candidate for a mathematics degree course. They describe themselves as studious and curious which are wonderful traits for admission tutors to consider. By showing their in-depth knowledge of the subject, they are proving that they have conducted enough research as well as understanding the area well.

Intro Examples of Personal Statements - Writing with a pen

Examples of Media Studies Personal Statement introductions:

  1. The Media is now one of the most important factors of our everyday lives and the study of the subject should be taken very seriously. I have always been fascinated by the idea of the media and how it has such an amazing impact on our culture, from smartphone apps to the advertising we glimpse at while sitting on the train. It is an influential subject area that now has embedded its roots to each and every one of us, and I want to be there to watch it grow. There are many arguments surrounding the impact of the media, as it either shapes the world around us, or reflects the society that lives in it. I believe that it is a beautiful mixture of the two and that the relationship we have with the media is not only complicated and confusing, but in most cases life-changing.

Studying an Arts degree is just as important as studying a science degree, as each subject requires different passions and capabilities. The Media Studies Personal Statement example above talks about strong themes that students will learn at all levels of their Media Studies university degree. By showing their basic understanding and curiosity now, they are also proving their ability to expand on these themes. The students then bring the conversation back to them and other individuals in their daily lives to talk about the impact media has on everybody. It shows that they take the subject seriously, which universities will be looking for.

Examples of Psychology personal statement introductions:

  1. The first time I visited London I fell down a few stairs when trying to get to the tube station. I remember there were crowds of people around me and nobody stopped to help me up. This event stirred up several questions I had about the science of our brains and how we communicate with each other as humans. Since then I have strived to understand our behaviours better.
  2. Although I have only studied Psychology at A Level, I feel that it has expanded my thinking and abilities so greatly that I wish to continue to degree level. There are so many different fields of this subject available to specialise in, and as psychology surrounds us all every day, I want to understand it better.

The first example is an interesting introduction where the student has chosen to reflect on a personal experience and uses this to address her passion for psychology. This is a good strategy for anybody that has a strong anecdote to use during their personal statement. It displays a natural curiosity and independence to pursue this through academia. Admission tutors love independent and free thinkers who hold creative minds. The second example is also honest and personal, and it shows a mature manner of how the student admits that their passion for the subject is relatively young but just as important. Both psychology personal statements examples are different but are effective, so deciding what will work best for an individual is their choice and is perfect for them when they are pursuing a Psychology degree!

Examples of Politics personal statement introductions:

  1. Politics has always been a passion of mine since becoming involved within the school debate team and being voted Student Rep at my school. I enjoy speaking to my fellow students, discussing their issues that affect their daily lives and planning on how to change them. The world is continuously changing, and I want to become involved in the interactions that affect current and future generations.
  2. I follow many current affairs programmes on television and read the ‘Economist’ whenever I can. I have always had a strong interest in the world and who is in it, but mostly always on a global scale. I feel that by studying Politics and being well read in current affairs will help me understand how the world works together better.

These introductions for politics personal statement examples choose to reflect on other areas of their lives to draw conclusions. The first example links their interest with Politics from school level and also lists extra-curricular activities that they took part in alongside their studies, which makes them a prime candidate for a Politics degree. This is a great way to talk about two separate points within the personal statement. The second statement chooses to discuss their personal interest in the subject and how they have read and expanded their minds regarding the subject outside of the normal academic setting. This displays true passion and independent study that are vital to university students.

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