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How to Master Food Shopping As a Student

How to Master Food Shopping As a Student

How to Master Food Shopping As a Student

Students who have moved out and made the giant leap into adulthood might find it’s difficult to master food shopping as a student and even more difficult if you don’t understand student bills. I mean – mum did it so well, right? Why is it so hard? The simplest and biggest tip that will have a strong impact is never to go shopping on an empty stomach! When you are hungry and browsing the aisles, you’ll find you’ll spend a lot more and buy things you won’t eat! Check out more advice below on how to master food shopping as a student!

Be organised

Write down a list – like a university essentials list – that is the easiest way to not over-spend or to buy food you don’t need. If you have a list, you’re only focused on buying those things and know that you need them, whereas if you are just ‘browsing’ you’ll pick anything up or even forget the actual products you have run out of! Also only take out a certain amount of money with you or have a student budget in mind so that when you are shopping, you can calculate the amount to ensure you don’t overspend!

Buy food that will last

Dry foods or food that can be frozen is a great way to buy in bulk and save money. Meat, vegetables and bread are great in the freezer and help to make up a healthy diet too. If you are fighting against space – sharing a fridge or cupboard space with other students – then you can invest in pasta, tins and cans and store them in your room to save space!

Don’t get sucked in by deals

So what if three loaves of bread are cheaper than buying two? If you only eat one loaf of bread a month, don’t let yourself be tricked into buying more of what you need because it is on offer. Most of the time these offers do have you spending more because you only needed one of the product and you end up buying 6!

Food Shopping As a Student - Comparing prices


Certain banks or cards have cash back options where if you spend a specified amount over a threshold (like, £40) you will get cashback! If your budget allows it, then cashback could be an added bonus!

Use coupons and become loyal

Never feel embarrassed for getting your coupons out! They’re going to save you a lot of money at the end of the day! Also sign up for loyalty cards like Nectar, Tesco and Morrisons so you can save up while you spend! You can then use those points on another shopping trip or like Tesco’s and Nectar; you can transfer the points into meals out and other great deals!

Own brands

The majority of the time the ‘own brand’ is just as good as the expensive one! You don’t have to buy into household names as they can be as much as three times the price! We think the only time you should buy the expensive brands is if they’re on offer or you fancy a treat!

Some of these tips may seem over the top or ridiculous, but if you think about how much food you’re going to consume this year alone while at university you’ll reconsider! You have to eat, there are no two ways about it, and the best way to save money is to follow the advice above!

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