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What You Need to Know About UCAS Extra

What You Need to Know About UCAS Extra

What You Need to Know About UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra is a service for students who have applied to universities via UCAS and have either not received any offers, or who have declined offers that they have received. UCAS Extra is an opportunity to add another course to your application and usually takes part during February and July. Here is what you need to know about UCAS Extra.

Can I take part in UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra begins in February and ends in July, and is for applicants who paid the full application fee to be able to pick more than one choice. The service is for students who haven’t got any offers, including being declined offers, or if you declined them yourself – for whatever reason! You can take part in UCAS Extra if you have no more choices, and by clicking on the ‘Add an Extra Choice’ option on your UCAS Track application to add another university and course. However, if you have declined your offers to add another choice to your application, you won’t be able to accept or go back to your original choices – think before you click! If you’re eligible, visit your UCAS Track and if the option to ‘Add an Extra Choice’ is available, courses and universities with spaces will appear, and you can apply to a new course this way.

What to consider with UCAS Extra?

If you do find yourself a part of the UCAS Extra process, you should think about why you are there in the first place. If you didn’t receive any offers from your choices, think about why this might be; did you apply for courses with higher predicted grades than you are expecting or courses with high demand and applications per available spot? If you found that the courses you first applied for were out of reach, try applying for a course with lower entry requirements, or look at other universities and combined degrees if your course is in high demand.

What will happen next?

There are three options; you’ll receive an offer, you’ll be unsuccessful, and you’ve had no response. If you receive an offer, you can think about whether you want to go to that university, and you need to decide to accept or decline by the date shown in Track. If you’ve been unsuccessful, whether you were declined by the university, or declined the offer yourself, you are still eligible to add another course onto your UCAS Extra application – as long as it is within the time limit, and before Clearing starts after July. If you haven’t had a reply from the university within 21 days of you adding it to your UCAS Extra, then you are able to apply again to another university or course.

What is after UCAS Extra?

If you still find yourself looking for a course and/or university, you can still become a part of the Clearing process which starts mid to late July and find an available course after results day. Clearing is when students who haven’t got a university place, are able to find spaces on courses with the actual grades they received. There are thousands of courses available, and the best thing to remember is to not panic when you’re going through Clearing.

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