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The Survivor’s Guide to Clearing

The Survivor’s Guide to Clearing

The Survivor’s Guide to Clearing

Even if A-Level results day hasn’t been as successful as you wished it to be; don’t panic. Last year, Clearing helped nearly 60,000 students get a place on a course, even when they didn’t get the grades they were expecting or the offer from a university they were hoping for. If it happens to you, this is the survivor’s guide to Clearing that you’ll need to read to get you through.

Talk to someone

Speak to your career advisors or you teachers on results day; the majority of teachers and staff will be present or floating around your school or college throughout the day. Try to find them and talk about your grades and options, and clear up anything you are still not sure about, so when you start calling universities you know everything you need to to make the right decision.

Never settle

Clearing can mean that you don’t get a place on a course you had your heart set on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with another one or a different university during this time. When you have been browsing Clearing vacancies, let yourself get excited about courses and the possibilities other institutions hold for you. Accepting an offer because you are frightened about not going to university this year, won’t help you in any way in the long run.

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Research is key

You might feel a bit sick and tired of researching and reading about universities to the point where they all seem the same! Don’t give up! Clearing isn’t an excuse for you to stop researching and finding out the right information about a university you might go to. Clearing also might mean you won’t get a chance to visit the university itself,  or to go to an Open day. So checking out the university city guides will help give you a feel for that area, of a potential new university, you can also take a look at our interactive map of universities in the UK and you can see what is online and in their prospectus – which makes it all that more important  that you conduct the research into every possible university you are considering attending; or it might mean your three years won’t be as enjoyable as they should be.

Show universities what you’re made of

Institutions want to know about why you want to take this course, and how dedicated you are. Clearing won’t mean that university’s standards will slack; they look to fill their spaces with committed and motivated students who love the subject they’re applying for, like they are all the year round. When you speak to the university, show that you understand the institution, what they’re about, their values and the course you are interested in. They’ll love it if you can articulate your love of the subject and how much you want to study there!

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