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Top 5 Tips to Get Through Clearing

Top 5 Tips to Get Through Clearing

Top 5 Tips to Get Through Clearing

Results day is only a matter of days away, and technically, Clearing starts before you even receive your grades. The day might seem scary and daunting, but to give yourself the best chance at securing a university and a place on a course you want, you should read our top 5 tips to get through Clearing, to prepare yourself for the process and come out on top!

Early bird

You are able to check your universities and the offers you have or haven’t received on your UCAS Track page the morning of results day – even if you haven’t collected your results yet. Knowing if you have an offer from your chosen institutions can set you up for the rest of the day. If it turns out that you haven’t received an offer from the university you wanted, you can collect your results, and when you do know your actual grades, are able to start the Clearing process, although you probably won’t know these until A Level results day.


Vacancies for Clearing are actually available, up to two weeks before results day – this means you can start browsing possible courses before you receive any grades or offers. This is a great way to prepare yourself on other alternative university routes. Take a look at the University Compare Clearing section to get all the information you need for Clearing and Adjustment, and scroll through the vacancies. Having an idea on what different areas or courses you may want to branch into or have an interest into will widen your opportunities come results day.

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Sell yourself

You need to be confident in what you want to study, where you want to go, and your own ability. When you are calling up universities – only you can do that! – you will speak to admissions, ask about vacancies and ask for a place at that institution. If you’re not completely 100% on a university course, then receiving an offer from them won’t do you any good; and besides, it will take it away from someone else, especially if you just end up taking another place anyway! Don’t settle for the first Clearing vacancy you see because you are worried you won’t get a place – you will get one!

Speak right people

To save time when it comes to calling up universities, you should make sure you are going to speak to the right people, check University’s websites and social media feeds, as these will have the most updated information. Write down the telephone number and email for the Admissions or dedicated Clearing contact information, if you don’t get through the first few attempts, write an email, so your request and information are logged.

Breathe, relax, and move on.

If you haven’t been successful during your first day of Clearing, the most important thing to remember is to not to panic! There are thousands of Clearing courses, and the only way you are going to get on the course that you’ll end up loving is by sticking with it. Clearing is different for everyone that has to go through the process, so, if one of your friends received an offer within an hour, does not mean you will too. Remember how much you want to study at university, and you’ll find a course and a university before you know it. You have weeks to sort out your place, so make sure you soldier on so you can go to university!

Clearing is a difficult and confusing time for most students, and the only ways you can make it go as smooth as possible is to prepare, plan, be organised and keep your eye on the prize.

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