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What is a Foundation Degree?

What is a Foundation Degree?

What is a Foundation Degree?

A foundation degree is an academic qualification that integrates relevant work-based connected to a particular job or career sector. It can be studied on its own, or when completed, students may progress to the final year of a Bachelor’s degree.

How long does it take to complete a Foundation Degree?

Candidates can study the course full or part-time. If studied full-time, it would take 2 years to complete, and longer if studied part-time.

What subjects can I study in a Foundation Degree?

• Education
• Environment
Health and Social Care
• Science
• Social Sciences
Students can then continue their studies to complete an honours degree in a similar subject.

What entry requirements do I need to study a Foundation Degree?

Candidates will need A-Levels, BTECs, and a specific amount of UCAS points (If you’re unsure as to what UCAS points you have already, then be sure to use a UCAS Grade Calculator, which will show you if you’re able to study at the university of your choice) to gain admission onto a Foundation degree as they are similar to studying an undergraduate degree. Students can check with their chosen college or university about what entry requirements they need to gain access to the course.

How do I apply to study a Foundation Degree?

Students can apply for a Foundation degree through their college or university, either on their website or through post.

How are you assessed?

Students will be assessed through a range of channels, either written work, projects, assignments, group work, presentations and practical elements depending on the subject itself.

What can I do with a Foundation Degree?

Students can use it to gain access to a Bachelor’s degree, entering the final year of the course. Individuals can also use it to get a promotion or to increase job prospects.

What are Foundation Degrees equivalent to?

This qualification is equivalent to two-thirds of a Bachelor’s degree, and a Higher National Diploma (HND) as well as a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE). An HND is more vocational and practical-based whereas a DipHE features more academic studying.

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