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What to Expect on A Level Results Day

What to Expect on A Level Results Day

What to Expect on A Level Results Day

Results day is fast approaching, and the summer is nearly over. Even if this summer has flown by too fast, or if it felt as if it could have lasted forever, results day is only around the corner, and you now need to spend the rest of the summer preparing for university. Results day is when A Level and BTEC students who have completed college or sixth form will receive their grade results for their qualifications, and for many, will reveal whether they have a spot at their chosen university this autumn.

A Level results day will be extremely emotional, from happiness to excitement to even sadness or surprise. Each student will have their individual experience on that day, and no two reactions will be the same. It might be a good idea to bring tissues, and even if you believe you’re pretty tough, you can give these tissues to a friend or your parents that might get a tear in their eye!

You should wake up early on results day, even if your school or college is open for the majority of the day, if you can wake up and leave early we recommend this. Waiting for these results is terrible enough and now the day has arrived, try to get there as soon as you can. Even if you plan to wait to open your results, going out to pick them up is half the battle which can be best to get out of the way as soon as possible.

If you do plan to open them right there and then, it will give you more time to process your results and information, or if you don’t receive the results you expected, you have more time to consider other options such as university Clearing, where it allowed students to apply to university again – there will be thousands of Clearing courses available, but places will go fast. It’s important to prepare for Clearing; perhaps you won’t even need to enter it, it’s always good to have a backup plan! The more time you have after receiving your results, the better!

Your school or college grounds will be busy! Not as busy as a normal academic day but it will be filled with students from your year or the year below/above as well as staff and teachers. If you want somewhere quiet for you to open and read your results, find somewhere secluded or a classroom which is open to get some privacy. It’s okay to want privacy – this is your moment.

You will no doubt hear the questions “What did you get?” all day and probably all of the next weeks after results day as come round. You’ll soon know your results off by heart after three hours in!

Results day will be a scary and odd experience for most, but remember, you tried your best during your studies and exams, and there is always an option out there for you no matter what you received. It really is time to say well done and give yourself a pat on the back! The hard part is over, and now you can start that new chapter in your life – perhaps you’ll ask yourself should I take a gap year? This could be the time to spend relaxing and having fun and can be the time where you consider your next steps in terms of further education career.

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