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What is a Business degree?

A Business degree looks at the way a company or organisation operates. Business degrees incorporate elements of finance, management, operations and marketing in their modules, as well as communication, strategy and information technology. The modules you will study will largely depend on what type of Business degree you are studying and which university you are attending.

What are the entry requirements for a Business degree?

The entry requirements for a Business degree depend on where you are applying. Generally, courses of this nature require at least two A-Levels, and you will usually need anything from CCC to AAB for entry.

What modules do you normally study on a Business degree?

The modules you study on a Business degree change depending on your course and where you are studying.

The most common modules are:

  • Analysis.
  • Business economics.
  • Data analytics.
  • Economics.
  • Human resource (HR) management.
  • International business management.
  • Strategy.

You may also take on mathematics, marketing and finance elements in your role.

What skills do I need for a Business degree?

There are several key skills needed for a Business degree.

The most common skills you need are:

  • A logical approach.
  • An organised approach.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent numeracy skills.
  • Self-reliance.

These skills will be further honed throughout your degree.

Can I study a Business degree online?

This depends on where you apply. Some universities will offer blended learning or distance learning courses for students wishing to study a Business degree online.