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Physiotherapy / Occupational, Year 3

(5)·By Timmy O·Physiotherapy· Jul 2021
It was amazing ! So many fantastic opportunities to meet people on your course and outside of your course! A great welcome week Really lovely. Different accommodation to accommodate different needs and wants. Individual bathrooms in all rooms, and lovely big kitchens with lots of storage and space Sports facilities are incredible. The new sports centre has so many amazing aspects which benefit my course and enable me to have a higher understanding of sports therapy. The training facilities are also impeccable which enables the high calibre of sports people to achieve their potential Small class sizes enable a good relationship with fellow students and lecturers. Lecturers are also very experienced in their fields meaning they're able to give first hand advice on how to handle certain situations It was really nice to have the city life as well as the rural country life which is offered at Hartpury
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Veterinary, Third Year

(4.8)·By Sophie H·Veterinary Sciences· Oct 2018
I love my course and am really enjoying my time at Hartpury! I have been given loads of advice and help in terms of work experience. The staff have been really supportive and friendly and helped me with the transition from us to U.K. Being at Hartpury has opened up a lot of doors and opportunities. I am going to study a masters here as well and look forward too it.
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Biological sciences, Year 1

(4.8)·By Sarah P·Biology· Oct 2018
Amazing so far, really positive, everyone is so lovely and friendly on campuss
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Sports / Sports Science, Year 2

(4.8)·By Charlotte E·Sports· Jul 2021
Really good sports socials and freshers events everyday of freshers week. Everyone was friendly and I met to many of my best friends that I have now Amazing city accommodation and great on site accommodation, both have their advantages as the campus is 10 minutes from the city centre Sports facilities are probably the best for a university, classrooms and library also amazing The lecturers are amazing and very friendly. It's easy for me to ask questions and get involved in the lectures. Amazing sports course available Small city easy to get around. Amazing shopping as we have the town and the Gloucester Quays outlet
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Sports / Sports Science, Graduate

(4.5)·By Zoe N·Sports· Jul 2021
Brilliant! Great mix of subjects that got on really well. Really nice. My block had a washing machine and Tv which was great. Top class facilities. Perfect for what I went there for. Most lecturers loved their subject and you could really tell. Made you want to try harder. City was a bit unnerving. Going out was good because you were with people but other than that don't go out on your own.
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Sports science, Year 1

(4.5)·By Georgie H·Sports· Oct 2018
I am loving university. Hartpury is fairly small but I prefer that as everyone knows eachother and everyone is very friendly. My course is very interesting and lectures are spread out well so I don't have many long days each week. The sport at hartpury is amazing. I am very excited to be apart of the Netball team and I am loving the training and matches. I highly recommend hartpuy to those who love sport and want to live in a homely environment that's not in the city centre.
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Veterinary Sciences, Year 2

(4.5)·By Jessica E·Veterinary Sciences· Jul 2021
Freshers week was great, full of nights out with lots of activities. Loads of chances to meet new people Good The facilities at Hartpury are great. The equine facilities are most important to me and these are amazing Very good because the lecturers are great at explaining things within the module. The practical sessions are also great as they're very hands on and enable us to learn more The city life in Gloucester is good, although there is only 1 good main club. There is lots of places to shop and get food shopping
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Business and management studies, Year 2

(4.5)·By Charlotte H·Management· Oct 2018
Sociable and Inspiring! Hartpury is a place you would recommend to anyone!
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Veterinary, Year 1

(4.5)·By Jessica B·Veterinary Sciences· Oct 2018
Amazing! The facilities are amazing for my course and the lecturers are so knowledgeable! Wednesday night's in Gloucester are always great fun! My second home! #ohHartpury
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Animal Science, Year 1

(4.5)·By Jess M·Animal Science· Mar 2019
Really fun, got everyone involved as much as they could and gave plenty of activities to do through the week. Got to know a lot of people because of it.. I don’t stay on site but I have friends who do, really nice place to stay and they have cleaners who come in regularly to keep things tidy. The library is really modern, sports areas are amazing because Hartpury is known for its sports courses, classrooms are really good and the right size. The teacher/lecturer actually engages with the students and you always come out of the lesson/lecture feeling like you’ve genuinely learnt something. Hartpury is close to Gloucester town and I know there are buses that go from the college to the town every hour. I don’t live on site but I’ve heard quite a few people saying they go out and they enjoy their time out.. It’s really enjoyable and specific on the course, so make sure it’s actually what you want to do
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Other, Year 2

(4.5)·By Kirstin B·Other· Oct 2018
It is a small community where you become friends with everyone, making nights out a lot of fun. They put loads on for you to do, to get to know people. This is from fresher's week to clubs and society's allowing you to get to know other years as well as your own. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Relaxed environment on campus and great nights/days when there are rugby games on just a short walk or drive from where you live.
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