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The sheer size of Australia is a benefit itself, having all types of cities and towns providing diverse experiences. Different areas of Australia will attract different personalities; the East Coast is full of activities and partying. Whereas, the West Coast has lots more exploring activities, similar to those of the Outback.

Two of Australia’s most popular cities for backpackers are Sydney and Melbourne. Firstly, Sydney is famous for its Opera House and Harbour Bridge and not to forget the Westfield tower, where you can see a 360-degree view of the city, as the restaurant rotates continuously as you eat and drink. Sydney has one of the most popular beaches, Bondi Beach while Melbourne’s beaches are less favourable. However, Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city 6 years running, so you can see why it’s a very popular place to visit and live. Melbourne is Australia’s Sporting City, with all major tournaments taking place here. It is also home to Australia’s tallest residential building, the Eureka Tower.

Australia is up there with one of the easiest places to travel due to the similarities to the UK. It is a popular destination for travellers to work; there are a vast amount of jobs from construction, bar work and even farm work. The standard of living is expensive, but with higher wages than the UK, it balances out quite nicely, so don’t be too shocked at prices when you first arrive!


  • No language difficulties. Fairly self-explanatory, this is usually a good thing for English tourists travelling abroad as it means not having to rely on your basic understanding of a language and watch in embarrassment as the locals wince at your poor pronunciation.
  • Made for backpackers, there’s plenty of hostels and facilities for backpackers
  • The exchange is certainly more favourable for tourists.
  • Wages in Australia are high, so there is money to be made here!
  • Free tourists visas for up to 6 months


  • Accommodation can be very expensive, even hostels can be pricey, and that’s sharing a room with 8+ people
  • Some areas have become extremely touristy, like the east coast and of course the main City’s.
  • Working Holidays Visas costs around £250
  • Food and drink are expensive, so make sure you have brought enough money or get yourself an Aussie job!