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Gap Year Guide: Cambodia

Gap Year Guide: Cambodia

Gap Year Guide: Cambodia

Cambodia is located between two countries, most backpackers travel to Vietnam first, go through Cambodia and then on travelling to Thailand. Cambodia uses the US dollar, although they have their own currency, the Cambodian Riel, it is only used to give small change. Applying for your visa should be completed before you get to the country, although it can be done when you are there, the process is extremely slow with long queues, so don’t waste your precise travelling time and get it done, don’t make the common gap year mistakes! The food quality in Cambodia is a higher standard than you would probably assume, but the prices do resemble this also.

The country’s capital, Phnom Penh is a very busy city and hosts a number of attractions. One attraction to mention are the killing fields, although it’s not the most positive topics to talk about, it holds some fascinating, yet horrifying history. It’s crazy to think that the actions that took place there was a mere 50 years ago. An attraction that some people may want to avoid, but it is popular with travellers due to the unusual events and history that occurred there.

Cambodia University Gap Year Guide - Ancient structures

Cambodia is home to some incredible temples, with Angkor Wat temples, having a special mention. Located in Siem Reap, it is really the mother of all temples and the national symbol; the temples are the land it’s on cover acres of space. It is recommended to do the audio tour, where all the facts and figures are explained about the eye stunning temples, and it won’t cost you too much either!

Yet another country where there is an amazing island to visit, Koh Rong. The island holds the Full Moon party, similar to one in Thailand, but on a smaller scale, make sure you research the dates so you make the party and would also recommend that you book a hostel in Koh Rong up before hand too. The island is full of bars, restaurants and hostels; unfortunately, air conditioning can not be found on the whole island, so expect to be hot (a fan blowing warm air onto you, really doesn’t cool you down).


  • Use the US dollar as a currency (easier to work out what you’re actually spending!)
  • Unique experiences
  • Another Full Moon party to attend!


  • Polluted and very overcrowded cities, almost no room to move.
  • Prices are slightly higher when compared to the other South-east Asian countries
  • Political unrest.

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