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Career Options After GCSEs

Career Options After GCSEs

Career Options After GCSEs

There are a few options for students leaving school after finishing their GCSE exams. Apprenticeships are now quite a popular choice for students, especially as the government has increased the number of employers taking on apprentices; meaning there are more options available. An apprenticeship is for young individuals who are aged 16 to 18, they will work for an employer for no more than 40 hours a week. They get paid for it and receive training each day they are at work, whilst studying at college, usually one day a week. The time spent studying at college will be included in the maximum 40 hours working week. If a student is keen to get away from home, then maybe an apprenticeship abroad could be an option

Will my GCSE results affect my career options?

Most A Levels and further education courses ask students to hold at least 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C. If students have GCSEs that are graded between D-G, or less than 5 GCSEs, there are many options for them. Students can study level 2 courses to allow them to progress to level 3, which are A Levels and BTEC’s, or if they are unhappy with their results, they are able to retake GCSEs exams. Students can also begin apprenticeships at level 2.

Students should speak to the career advisers at their school, their teachers and the UCAS helpline for advice on what to do with their GCSE results. Individuals can also speak to their friends and family about their options and what their aspirations are. There are many different pathways available for students after they take their GCSEs, and regardless of what grades they receive on GCSE results day, it won’t mean that their dreams are over. If students fail a number of GCSEs that they needed to pass, they can re-sit them at sixth form, college or at home through distance learning, or start an apprenticeship. If students change their mind about what direction they want to go in, and what to study, they can always switch courses, or drop an A-Level after the first year. Students should be aware that there are always many options available to them. 

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