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The Extra Stuff You Can Get As a Student

The Extra Stuff You Can Get As a Student

The Extra Stuff You Can Get As a Student

Student life is one of the most exciting and best times that you’ll have, and one of the perks is, of course, student discount. Have a look at some of the extra stuff you can get as a student, and why you need to make use of them – even if you don’t use them fully!

NUS card

The NUS Student Card is a nationally recognised card for higher education students. There are selected offers on for a limited time, but they can include laptops, music with a Spotify student discount, Amazon, restaurants and even theme parks! Your NUS card will also be valid for all year round student discount in certain restaurants, shops and retail outlets. You do have to pay for the NUS card but try to sign up when there is an offer, and think about the money you will save throughout your three years!

Student discount explained

Student discount is money off (a percentage or certain amount) discounted off of the full price. This can include events, tickets and shops, or even free stuff altogether! It never hurts to ask ‘Do you do student discount?’ when it is your turn at the till! Don’t worry about it if you annoy the sales assistant!

16-25 Railcard

Everyone loves the 16-25 Railcard! This Railcard gives you up to a third off of rail fares during off-peak travelling times. If you commute to university or find yourself travelling a lot – maybe to take your dirty laundry back home for mum to wash – then this really will save you a lot of money. Some banks or building societies offer a free railcard when you sign up for a student bank account, so when you’re on the lookout for a bank see what you can get in return.

Student Oyster card

The student oyster card is for students who live and study in London, and their school/college or university is on the registered TfL scheme list. You have to be over 118 and can be studying part-time or full-time. With this card, you can save 30% off the price of adult rate bus and tram passes and travel cards! If your course has a work placement you are still eligible too! It costs £10, but the money you save will be worth it in the end. All you need is a colour photo to upload, your student enrolment ID and your course start and end dates. And if you already have the 15-25 railcard, you can add that discount to your student oyster card to get a 34% discount on off-peak PAYG fares, and off-peak daily caps on Tube, DLR, National Rail and London Overground. With all of those perks, you should be signing up as we speak!

Discount online

You don’t even have to buy an NUS student card or any other student benefits when shopping online. UNIDAYS is an offer for students online, where you input your university email address and details and can get discounts from websites such as Asos, New Look, Misguided, Spotify, Macdonald’s, Topshop, and much more! You can check the website by searching ‘unidays’ online.

Bills, Bills, Bills

You can even save money off of your bills, like your overdraft or the council tax bill. If you live at home with one other adult or share a student flat/house with one other person you are excluded from paying council tax. Therefore your housemate doesn’t have to pay the full amount and is entitled to a single person’s council tax discount, or even if you’re all students then you don’t have to pay at all! Yay! Your university will be able to print you off a certificate which proves you are at university/institution, with your course details and start and end date, and all you have to do is to visit your local council.

Also, if you are in an overdraft, you are eligible to move into a student overdraft once you begin your course where you don’t have to pay for a planned overdraft each month. If you are currently in an overdraft it is best to talk to your bank to see if the overdraft can be carried over, as some banks offer a higher overdraft each academic year, meaning you get £1000 in year 1, £1500 in year 2 and £2000 in year 3 as an example. You should research your choices online and see which one offers you the best deal for your situation. Be careful when it comes to finishing your degree as the overdraft fees will then go to a standard rate and you could find yourself paying higher fees.

Moving out on your own or living an adult life with all the benefits of bills and direct debits can be tough, but the government and many businesses understand the pressure that students are under – hence why they give you all these wonderful discounts. Feel the benefits of the extra stuff you can get as a student and sign up to whatever you can ASAP!

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