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Feeling Homesick at University

Feeling Homesick at University

Feeling Homesick at University

Feeling homesick is very natural, especially if you are moving away to university. We have some suggestions on how to keep in touch with friends and family and to make your room in university housing feel that bit closer to home.

Check out our video by Steph on how to deal with homesickness:


Pictures and photographs

Having pictures and photos of your friends and loved ones from back home will help you if you are feeling homesick. There are great offers online, like Snapfish where you can receive discounts on bulk prints or introductory offers where it is as cheap as each photo being 1p! Display the pictures on your wall or the back of the door, where you can see them often.


You could start writing to your friends the way communication was passed centuries ago – through letters. Having letters or messages in physical form will make you feel connected to that person greater, and feeling of loneliness will decrease. You can even have them displayed or keep them somewhere safe, so you are able to read them and access them when you need to.

Talking on the phone

Sometimes hearing somebody’s voice can make all the problems disappear. If you are upset or feeling down call a friend or a family member to talk it out. Before you go away try to get a good deal on your phone tariff, with student discount perks such as free minutes to the same provider, or having a couple of selected numbers as priority numbers so having them cheaper will save you money. This means when you ring these people more often than you would at home it won’t cost as much.


Depending on your university guidelines, which you can check, some universities meet students have up to two guests stay during Fresher’s week. This is so settling in can become easier, especially if you have your old friends from home helping you mingle with your new flatmates at Halls. You can also visit home during reading weeks and end of term breaks, so it if it feels like a whole year away before you see your friends and family again the least it will be is 6 weeks.

Skype or FaceTime

This can be for the special occasions or set up as a weekly date. Seeing someone you know over video chat can really take away the blues of moving away, and it can be cheap if you both have access to the internet. Skype is free to call anyone with an account, and you only need internet or wifi to get started.

You could even do something wacky with your room (providing you check it is allowed first!) that you didn’t get the chance before! Like, have blackboard paint on your walls so you can scribble and write all over them in chalk, or draw on your light bulbs so that when you turn them on the shapes and pictures spread out! So if you are feeling really homesick or worried about choosing a university that is far away, remember all the options you have to feel closer to home.

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