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Living a Healthy University Lifestyle

Living a Healthy University Lifestyle

Living a Healthy University Lifestyle

During your first year at university, the pressures of studying combined with financial worries, a need to keep fit and trying to socialise with friends may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are some top tips to maintain a healthy university life for both body and mind.

Eating Healthily

Follow our student eating guide when you first move to university to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutritious food will fuel your body and mind and will help you to perform better in your studies. Student-favourite foods such as pizza, noodles and chips often lead to obesity if eaten in high moderation and are best avoided.

Study Something You Enjoy

One way to ensure a healthy university life is to study something you enjoy. Whether it is a History degree, Art, Science or a French degree, you should be actively passionate about the course you study to make the most of your university experience.

Drink in Moderation

Making memories and enjoying an active social life during university is just as important as your studies. Although you will be inundated with offers for nights out and social events, you need to moderate your late night activities in order to make the most of your university experience.

Get Involved

The majority of universities have plenty of sports clubs and societies on offer from hockey, football and rugby to rowing and dance. Joining a club or society is the perfect way to meet like-minded people and to enhance your university social life.

Study Hard

Amidst the packed social calendar and weekly student nights, it can be easy to forget why you are at university. When it comes to the morning after and you’d rather stay in bed than go to lectures, remember the reason you came to study at higher education was to work hard and invest in your future.

Choose Your Housemates Carefully

When considering housing options in your second year, you need to decide which type of person will enhance your university life. Although a party animal may seem like a fun choice, you need to assess the impact they may have on you during those late-night study sessions during the exam period. Choosing like-minded housemates will result in the perfect work & play balance and allow you to enjoy university life without compromising your degree.


From nights out to Friday night takeaways, there are plenty of opportunities to over-spend at university. Budgeting your money properly will ensure you are comfortable during each term and will avoid the embarrassing situation of having to ask for a loan from the bank of mum and dad. However, opening a student bank account can be very beneficial and is highly recommended.

Sleep Well

Our last tip for a healthy university lifestyle requires you to sleep well, deciding on the right accommodation is vital. An irregular sleeping pattern will hinder your performance in assignments, your concentration in lectures and your overall health.

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