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Loyalty Cards and Discounts to Save Students Money

Loyalty Cards and Discounts to Save Students Money

Loyalty Cards and Discounts to Save Students Money

Loyalty cards and sign ups can seem annoying when shopping or browsing the internet, and it may feel like your purse is full enough, but when it comes to being a student, saving money is extremely important and can save you a few quid! You’ll need to look into some student budgeting tips. Here are the best things to sign up to, even it means having to buy a second wallet…


Waterstones offer a loyalty card that gives you 3p per every £1 you spend and once registered you can spend it whenever you like and can receive and spend points online too. They also have a stamp and save the card; this is where you receive a stamp for every £10 you spend and when you have 10 stamps you get £10 off in store. You can collect on both loyalty cards at the same time. WHSmith sometimes has offers or vouchers for your next shop, or education offers during certain times of the year, make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Amazon is an online site where you can buy new and second-hand books. This is handy when universities are adamant you need to read what is on the reading list! Remember, most degrees like a Physics degree, a Biology degree or a Business degree will require books for study.


When you are buying your coffee at Starbucks, be sure to pick up the free iTunes card! There are sometimes free eBooks, games, apps but mostly songs! Check the Itunes store for freebies, such as podcasts and EP’s and promotional music, get them when they are featured because they don’t usually last long! Spotify is a great programme that is free, a huge database of music; the free version will have adverts of you can choose to pay to get rid of them. YouTube can convert videos from their website into mp3’s, which you can then put onto your music device; usually, you can only do a certain amount of conversions a day, but this is still a great tool!


If you feel like having photos on your walls, scrapbooking or cherishing the memories, online sites offer great deals for new customers. Snapfish and Photobox have offers like free photographs, cheap prints or rewards for referring friends.


Tesco has a range of offers; deals in-store, online, vouchers and a loyalty card. When you collect points with your Tesco Clubcard, which you receive 1 point for every £1 spent, you can either put them towards your shopping or transfer them into Tesco Vouchers. These vouchers are able to be spent at restaurants and cafes and are usually 3x as much. ASDA states they are the cheapest place to go for groceries! And if they weren’t? They will give you the difference back to spend next time in a store. Be sure to take a look at the possibilities of student discounts, these can partner your voucher cards as well, these could be helping our savvy student savers!


Most bank accounts or online sites offer cashback; this is where when you spend money in certain places and websites you get money back! Just for spending! This will add up and go back into your account. Online sites, may offer vouchers or gifts, etc. Read the terms and conditions on the sites to see what you get in return.


Groupon, Wowcher and Amazon local offer deals on a variety of things, from days out, afternoon tea, jewellery, holidays and just about everything! you can get apps for your smartphones or visit them online. Usually, you buy the deal or offer and then have to book again via the actual site or booking line by the company. If you are choosing a weekend deal or something that has tickets and reservations, make sure your dates and preferred times are available before buying!

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