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Moving Away to University

Moving Away to University

Moving Away to University

The majority of prospective students who have recently received their A Level and BTEC qualifications will consider attending university this autumn and begin their journey to obtain a degree. One aspect of becoming an undergraduate that young people overlook is the notion of moving away from home to the university. If you haven’t chosen a course yet, check out our subject degree guides to find out more information.

Moving away from home is a significant step in an individual’s life, and many take part in this process when they begin their degree course. Students associate the student lifestyle with responsibilities, new friends and a new place to live – which rings true for those who decide to move away. For those who are craving the opportunity to begin a new chapter in their lives, and the chance to make it in the world on their own should research their chosen institutions beforehand and where they are based in the UK.

The location is an important feature for all universities and their students who attend, and potential students should look into a university’s location before confirming their top choices on their UCAS application. Our interactive UK university map which showcases over 250 universities and institutions aids young people who are ready to embark on this journey by allowing them to use this tool to see where their chosen universities are based, and where their location is in regards to their hometown.

The Uni map also gives students the chance to see what universities can be found near certain cities and to look for renowned institutions. Also, if a young person is interested in studying in a specific area, city or place in the UK, they will be able to find all of the universities and institutions in that area which they may not have come across before without our interactive UK university map.

Moving Away to University - Moving

My Friends are Going to Another University

It’s a tough situation to be in for sure. Plenty of students find themselves asking, am I going to be alone at university? You’re not alone in feeling this way, plenty of students feel anxious at university and plenty of students worry about making friends at university, especially when their friends are going to another university. When your friends go to university, they will have to find other friends too and you will too. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still stay in touch! Maybe drop a cheeky text every so often, maybe find other ways to keep in touch with friends and family when at university, and you’ll have a great way to be able to still speak to people.

Your friends will miss you for sure, and you will obviously miss them, but the time has come to grow up and these will be just one of the many difficult decisions that you’ll have to make, and as a result, you’ll grow as an individual as a result of it!

Where Am I Going to Live at University? 

University accommodation is a difficult one, especially if you’re going through Clearing. However, there are a number of options available for students that are worried about where to live. You can live at home during university, however, this can vastly restrict your activities that you can potentially enjoy at university and all the fun-filled capers that are synonymous with university halls. However, the idea of living at home can be useful for people as it means you keep your costs down and have the benefit of mums cooking! Halls can be good for you, as it helps you to meet more people and to make friends at university easily, without too much trouble, the same with staying in a shared house.

How Much Money Will I Have at University?

This all depends on the course that you’re studying. The amount of money will obviously depend on the student finance that you have available too, as this will mean that you can start budgeting at university as soon as possible. Your university will be able to help you out with any grants, scholarships or bursaries that you may have, but the majority of money that you have at university, will come from your maintenance loan.

Moving Away to University - Career's day

Moving away can have people feeling homesick, it can make you feel upset, it can even make you angry that you’re away from friends, family, beloved pets, etc. But it can also make you happy too! Maybe, you’re enjoying the idea of being independent for the first time, maybe you like the fact that you’re on your own more often, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy moving away!

Plenty of students can find it difficult to adjust when they move away to university, but it will be easy for you when you know what you’re doing. You can have plenty of creature comforts to help you at university too, you’ll obviously have your university essentials that you’ll need to keep close too, but the majority of things that you can bring from home will keep you sane, too!

Sometimes, the city that you’re living in can help you too, maybe you enjoy the life in a big city, so going to a city university would be best for you. But if you prefer a coastal setting, then checking out a coastal university is best for you.

University is about making it work for you, and moving away at university, can be a big change that a lot of people have some trouble adjusting to, but it can be a change that you will love when you’ve done it. We recommend that you look up as much as you can about your university, research the city that you’re going to be living in and you can also see a few things about the clubs and societies that the university has too, this will give you an even better chance of enjoying yourself when you’ve made the difficult move from home to university. Don’t stress too much, you’re going to love it, when you get there!

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