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Natwest Student Account

Natwest Student Account

Natwest Student Account

Natwest is one of the fastest growing and one of the most popular banks in the UK. Natwest has a number of attractive offers for students to use.

Natwest has existed since 1968 which makes it fairly young in terms of existence in the UK banking scene, this means that it has been going for (At the time of writing) nearly forty eight years.

Natwest has attractive offers for people looking to get a Natwest student account. The bank has offers that will keep student’s best interests at heart. Natwest has various things that change over time as with most banks, so your bank charges may go up after four years or so, as with most banks. Some of the perks that they offer are:

  • You can get a Young Person’s Coachcard which will give you: 1/3 off standard UK fares, 10% off European fares, 10% off services to selected UK festivals and events and 1/3 off Scottish Citylink and Hovertravel services when booked through National Express.
  • £2,000 overdraft interest free.

Natwest student accounts are very useful for you, there aren’t a great deal of perks with getting a Natwest student account with the exception of a Young Person’s coachcard, the Natwest student account is aimed with attractive rates, but very little in terms of tangible perks or rewards for signing up.

Bank Charges:

Natwest does have very high bank rates and is one of the biggest culprits for punishing people for incurring charges and it will hurt you a lot. You may need to ask for a Natwest student overdraft increase, because some of the charges are higher than other banks. Natwest, typically charge for an interest free overcharge:

  • £500 in the first term and then £2000 after your first term.

However, with regards to actual charges for entering into your overdraft, Natwest charges:

  • For an unarranged overdraft usage fee, Natwest charge: £6 for each day on which there is an unarranged overdraft of more than £10, which is also subject to a maximum of £90 in any charging period.
  • And then £6 for each unpaid transaction, which is also subject to a maximum of £60 in any charging period.

As we stated above you may wan to look into the possibility of a Natwest student overdraft extension, because let’s face it, the Natwest student overdraft charges are very very high.

If you’re looking to study at university, make sure that you check out all of the student bank accounts that we have on our site!

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