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Russell Group Universities

Russell Group Universities

Russell Group Universities

The Russell Group is a term that you may have heard your school teachers or friends mention when talking about universities. The Russell Group is a prestigious collection of universities that hit the highest standards of academic, sporting and research excellence.

What is the Russell Group?

The Russell Group was established in 1994. They receive around 60-70% of all university research grants that come in from the government/UK. These institutions are highly competitive against each other and compete for student applicants.

Why is it called the Russell Group?

The Russell Group was named after a group of meetings which took place at the Russell Hotel in Russell Square, London. After a series of informal meetings had taken place, they began to discuss a name and the title Russell Group was mentioned.

Why was the Russell Group formed?

The Russell group was formed to represent their interests in fields and politics as the majority of leading universities have similar interests and ideologies. The power of the UK’s research, an increase in income for its members and the aim to recruit the best staff and student for its institutes is some of the reasons why the group was formed. For years it has worked to change the status quo of British academia.

Who is in The Russell Group?

The Russell Group consists of over twenty members and some of these members change very regularly. To see the Russell Group universities in more detail click one of the below:

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